Housing in Geneva

<p>My daughter is spending Sept through December as an intern at the ILO in Geneva. Is anyone aware of any good student housing options as my research to date has not turned up any reasonably priced furnished apartments. There are a few Craigs list apartments BUT the SCAM factor worries me. Any information is appreciated.</p>

<p>My d is also interning at the ILO in Geneva at the same time. She also does not have any housing and I am very concerned. I have been looking, because she works 65-70 hours a week at her summer internship, and does not have a lot of time.</p>

<p>I am also worried about scams. All I know is everything says do not send any money.</p>

<p>I did send her info about "foyers," which I think are like dorms. I've asked her to look into them, even if just for a month or two. </p>

<p>Google foyers in Geneva and you should get some info.</p>

<p>Talked to my D today about having to give up the internship because we cannot find a place for her to live in Geneva. Apparently many interns from her school are also having trouble finding a place to live in Geneva.</p>

<p>All the foyers are booked, the hostiles only allow 6-10 day max stay and most private ads we have responded to have been scams.</p>

<p>If you or your kid is considering an internship where your school does not provide housing, be aware.</p>