Housing information, anyone?

<p>I'm in Linn-Matthews, in BJ 6th floor single! </p>

<p>Is everyone else happy (or maybe not so?) with their housing?</p>

<p>Psst...BJ is four/five floors. The 6xx in your room number indicates house, not floor. The tens digit indicates floor.</p>

<p>But yes, I am very satisfied. :3 BJ/Vincent here.</p>

<p>Single in BJ/Linn-Mathews House.</p>

<p>Hello future BJ residents, my D will be living there also and she is currently away so I wanted to ask a few questions. She will be in Vincent also.</p>

<p>Where are the printing in BJ and kitchen facilities? I assume one of the whole dorm lounges? How easy are these to get to from Vincent? I saw the room sizes were around 10x12, we are thinking of a 5x8 area rug. Does anyone know how much clearance is under the bed if adjusted to its tallest position? What are the walls made of and the adhesive of choice?</p>