Housing Notifications?

<p>When will housing notifications be sent? Also, when will we be notified of our roommates?
I'm hoping that we don't meet our roommates the day of move in. I'd really prefer to meet before then so we can talk and get acquainted. Any info would help! Thanks!</p>

<p>Provided the process is still the same as 2010, you’ll get a notification to your email in early July. It listed your Hall, Room, Roommate Name, Home ph# and email. It was a 5 page document with tons of information.</p>

<p>^Yep, that’s what happened in 2011 for incoming freshmen, too.</p>

<p>Regarding meeting your roommate prior to move-in: My son’s roommate contacted my son via email after assignments were posted last summer and asked my son to meet him somewhere half-way for lunch. In their case, they lived about 90 minutes from each other, so it was driveable. They met for lunch one summer afternoon and liked each other, so that was really nice! It took the pressure off. They then communicated a small handful of times prior to move-in day. And they turned out to be really good roommates for each other. It was all potluck, too!</p>

<p>Best of luck to you, OP!</p>

<p>Okay, thanks a lot! I actually got temporary housing and it’s funny how it happened. I was going to apply on a friday but they didn’t accept Visa so I had to wait till Saturday until a family member could let me borrow their credit card… that saturday, my status changed to “You are now being offered temporary space.” I was pretty upset… Is there still a pretty good chance that I will get permanent housing and be notified before move-in?</p>

<p>^Oh. Are you a current student? Or are you an incoming freshman?</p>

<p>I’m an incoming freshman. There’s many people that are deciding to not go to A&M because they chose on another school, weren’t accepted, etc so I am hoping that I still have chance at permanent housing.</p>

<p>^Huh. I don’t know what to think. Maybe I’m remembering wrong, but I thought my son got his freshman housing award around the 2nd of July last year. I’m stumped. I could be remembering wrong, or maybe temporary housing recipients receive notification earlier so that they can think about making other arrangements (?), or maybe all of the students’ accounts say something about ‘temporary housing’ until assignments are made in July? I’m sorry, but I can’t be of any help here!</p>

<p>Sorry, I’m not being very clear. Regardless of permanent or temporary housing, we are ALL notified by July. Temporary just means that all rooms are filled and I will have to stay in a room as a third person or in some tiny rooms they have reserved in case all other rooms are taken up. As students cancel or move out, temporary people are transferred to the bigger, permanent rooms. Anyway, I called and the people told me I shouldn’t worry because since I was one of the first to apply for temporary housing, I will most likely get the hall I chose as people start canceling their reservations. :)</p>

<p>My son’s freshman roommate lived too far away to meet in person ahead of time, so they just messaged on Facebook to start with about who would bring what. Then you can see each others photos and interests.</p>

<p>Funny, I felt like we knew the roommate already when we met him, and our impressions from Facebook were actually pretty accurate. My son was fortunate to have a nice roommate with a similar major.</p>

<p>^In my son’s case, he was happy to discover that his impressions from his roommate-to-be’s Facebook page was not accurate, lol! :)</p>

<p>^Ha. That can be so true. Glad he had a nice surprise when they got to know each other!</p>

<p>I hope that doesn’t end up happening to me lol Is it hard to request a roommate change?</p>

<p>^No, no, Eve411. I think you might have misunderstood me.</p>

<p>Ksog’s son was happy with his roommate, and Ksog reported that the roommate’s Facebook page was a pretty accurate depiction of the roommate – which made Ksog’s son happy.</p>

<p>MY son was also happy with his roommate. Still is. BUT, in his case, he was happy to discover that his roommate’s Facebook page was NOT an accurate depiction of the roommate himself! In other words, his Facebook page did not leave a good impression. The roommate, in person, did!</p>

<p>All good news. :)</p>

<p>Ahh, I see. In that case, I hope the best for me as well!</p>