Housing Options

<p>Hey Yall! If there's anyone on here that knows a lot about housing at UCF I'd really appreciate your help.</p>

<p>For the summer b term I chose...
N/H Single Bedroom
Lake Claire Single Bedroom
N/H Shared Bedroom
...in this order.</p>

<p>Do you think that as a freshman it would be better to go with the shared bedroom instead of the apartment styled living with single bedrooms in N/H or Lake Claire? I'm just curious if not actually rooming with a person will make the experience that much different since most dorms I visited at other schools had the dorms where you had to share.</p>

<p>There are very few Nike/Hercules singles so it's a good possibility you won't end up with it. Also for a freshman it's definitely better to go with a shared bedroom. You would be experiencing the college life with someone that could potentially be your best friend. You'd also be starting off college at least knowing one person. Also I've heard Lake Claire really isn't social at all and is not a good choice. If you live in a single you will REALLY have to push to make friends in classes and such where you probably won't have much time to talk to people anyways if you want to pay attention.</p>

<p>I have the same choices as you except i have the last two fliped around. I feel that if i do get the single room i will still have plenty of time to socialize with my other 3 three roomates. It will just be nice to have my own room but i dont see it effecting my social life life to much.</p>

<p>Yeah I'm starting to think the same thing as far as bein a freshman and living the "typical college life".
So for the fall, if looking for the most social places to live, which would you chose over the other apollo, libra, or n/h?</p>

<p>Nike, it's really nice and I read reviews that it is really social.</p>

<p>For the most social place i would choose libra square style room bc outside of the dorms there is a common area where you will meet a bunch of other freshman that you can socialize with. That is what i put for my first choice for fall :)</p>