housing priority?

<p>Does anybody know when the latest an EA acceptee can turn in the housing form and still get priority housing?</p>

<p>EA always has priority over RD. No matter if you turn it in on June 1. However, you will be behind all the EA kids who submitted before you.</p>

<p>Uhh, I don't believe EA has priority over RD. I've never read that anywhere... In fact, I've never heard/read UChicago ever use the word "priority."</p>

<p>What I have read is that when you turn in your housing form determines what spot you get in the housing queue. Obviously EA admits who submitted back in December/January will be first and kids who submit at 11:59 PM central time on June 1 will be last. But nowhere have I seen that EA kids get priority (though it would be nice).</p>

<p>I heard this from the PSAC.... I also asked in a rep visit. EA gets in front of RD. They don't say "priority" to describe it, but EA housing apps do go in front of RD housing apps, this is true as long as you submit before the deadline of June 1.</p>

<p>First year, my D accepted Chicago pretty much by return mail after her EA acceptance. Her roommate was someone who opted for Chicago at the very last minute. And it was fine. Try not to get so worked up about the choice. In fact, you really don't know enough for a truly informed decision, and it doesn't matter. You'll probably like (maybe love) where you end up.</p>