Housing Process

<p>Just attended an admitted students event. Understand housing choices are granted based on your enrollment deposit date. What options will go first, if S only sends a deposit this week, how bad will his choices be? Which dorms are best/newest? Which are WORST? We toured the towers, a quad–yuck! Also saw Patterson, not thrilled, but average. How do others compare? Which dorms have AC?
How does OSU do with matching roomies, generally speaking?

<p>Info on amenties and specific dorms/rooms can be found at [University</a> Residences and Dining Services](<a href=“http://www.urds.osu.edu/]University”>http://www.urds.osu.edu/)
Seems they are always renovating one dorm or another so I could not tell you which is currently the most updated. There are lots of options and the online housing application will have you prioritize these. This late, you may not get your first choice but IMO none of the freshman housing is great. You can contact the Housing Ofiice for more info. They are really nice.</p>

<p>Thanks RMGsmom. I will give them a call today. I do agree, the options are lacking, but they are doing lots of upgrading, so they do realize there is an issue! :)</p>

<p>RMGsmom, thanks. I actually emailed Residence and Dining Services, they replied within 15 minutes and we exchanged a few emails within 20 minutes, all questions answered. I continue to be impressed by the responsiveness of such a gigantic university! S mailed his deposit yesterday, GO BUCKEYES!!</p>

<p>what did u ask them nova88? and what did they say?</p>

<p>Kwokings033, I had specific questions about dorm requests for medical reasons. The office responded quickly about the process for dorm requests due to medical issues. We exchanged a few emails back and forth over the course of a few minutes. The folks in residence and dining were great!</p>