Housing question

<p>So I'm returning to University housing next year and I REALLY want to live in a single on central. Unfortunately I got my time slot to select housing today and it's on the morning of the last day (February 10th out of Feb 8-10). I'm really worried that there won't be a single on central available but I've never done second-year housing before so I don't know. TO someone who's registered for returning housing, any idea/suggestion of if there will be a (female) single on central by the last day of housing?</p>

<p>It's hard to tell right now since sign-up just started (for theme communities and MRCs), but unfortunately, it's not likely that one will be available - for you to sign personally, at least. I had a horrible housing problem last year; basically, I missed sign-up and had to call the housing office every day until they had something available. It wasn't until a week before school started that I got a single in NQ (and they even had a couple others open, I think double in SQ and single in Stockwell). I definitely lucked out there, but I do think something will be open for you eventually. There is also a board on the housing site for room swaps and contract reassignments, so definitely check those out. There are always people posting there.</p>

<p>Make your back up plan now. That was my time slot two years ago and there were no singles left on central, and a LOT of the doubles in desirable dorms on Central were gone, too-- my roommate who registered a little bit after me took the last double room that wasn't in one of the all girl houses (it was east quad). It was SLIM pickings by then, cant emphasize that enough.</p>

<p>That said, I ended up in Newberry and loved it there and would recommend newberry/barbour, but there weren't any singles left there, either!</p>

<p>usually people that want singles get them relatively easily. Also keep in mind that this year they reversed the priority for housing (so preference goes first to sophomores) so you will be beating out all of the juniors that will be looking for housing.</p>