Housing Question

<p>I'm transferring to UCSC in the Fall. Recently, I applied for housing at UCSC's Village. I got a confirmation early this week that my application had been confirmed, and that I would be getting information on my assignment soon. I then logged on to studenthousing.ucsc.edu, and in a box labeled "Your Assignment Information" under Fall 2012 it said "Housing: Village single." Then last night I logged on again, and saw that it had changed to say "Housing: Apt Small Triple at Merrill College in Merrill Faculty Suites." I haven't been sent an official assignment yet, so I'm just going by what this page says.</p>

<p>Does anybody have any idea why my assignment has changed on this page?
Does anybody know what "Faculty Suites" are? I'm obviously not faculty, so...?</p>

<p>I've got questions emailed to the housing department, but I'm probably not going to hear back this weekend.</p>

<p>Thanks for any help</p>