Housing question

I’ll be starting at USC next year as a sophomore (woo!) and am currently trying to get my housing situation figured out.

My sibling is moving to LA around the same time I am, and we are hoping to get a place together. Do any of the USC housings let one USC student (and one non-USC student) live together?

For example, Cardinal ‘n’ Gold says that it has one bedroom apartments for two people. Hypothetically, if I applied for student housing, could my sibling and I live there?

Probably not because residences like Cardinal and Gold give preference to returning sophomores and then any spaces that are left would go to juniors and seniors. Also, all students need security id badges to enter any usc building and I dont see how your sibling could get that if they were not a USC student. You could try looking at Gateway housing or Icon - they are USC affiliated rather than usc housing bit I"m not sure if they take non-usc students. It’s also much more expensive, of course.

Must be USC student to live in USC housing.

Okay, that’s what I thought but I figured I’d check. Thanks!

@CatalinaIslander, non-USC students can share an apartment with USC students at the Lorenzo.

Same with Gateway.