Housing Question


<p>I've been accepted to McGill for 2010 spring. I'm unsure what housing option to put down. I don't really party/drink/smoke, due to the fact that a friend of mine died from similar usage and I decided to stay cleaner, and having a medical condition, etc. etc. etc. I've been reading a lot about upper rez, all 4 of them (including Douglass) and those seem like the best fits for me. My question is whether it is easy to avoid the drinking etc., because I'm afraid if I'm around it too much I'll get sucked back in. I'm not opposed to others partying and stuff, and I don't mind attending parties, but do the students generally find it weird if a student doesn't drink, since it's legal and all?</p>


<p>Hello Markus,</p>

<p>Wherever you go (including any Residence) you will be exposed to drug/alcohol consumption. More or less intensively, it's true.</p>

<p>If it's clear in your mind that you don't want to consume, no one will force you. Peer pressure exists but if you make it clear, people will respect that.</p>

<p>University is the opportunity to really be you. Take that chance.</p>

<p>Oh and, talk about it to your floor fellow when you arrive. It will help. :)</p>

<p>Have a great year!</p>