Housing questions from a Cal Spring Admit

<p>I was admitted to Berkeley for spring. After learning that housing was not guaranteed for spring transfers, I was wondering whether it's an option to move up there this fall and take classes at Berkeley City College or Berkeley Extension? I was thinking about applying to the co-ops for the fall, since I doubt I could apply for on-campus housing for the fall.</p>

<p>Since I'm thinking of changing my major from Art History to Political Science anyway (still within Letters and Science) I figured my fall semester would be a good time to take the prereqs I need at CC. It's very hard to reach anyone at Berkeley over the phone with my questions, and I'm still totally in the dark about all of this stuff.</p>

<p>You can't apply for housing in the fall if you are not in the FPF program. Spring Housing is not guaranteed, but there is a great chance you'd get an offer. You are probably right about coming in the Fall and should probably call the COOPS (Ph: (510) 848-1936) to ask about availability. There is also Westminster House ((510) 647-2328) and Telegraph Commons 510.644.1876.</p>