Housing Questions

<p>So I'm still undecided about whether or not it'll be UNC for me next year, but I have been giving it a lot of thought lately, and I have some questions about housing.</p>

<li>Should I live on North or South Campus? I'm OOS, so I really don't know much about either, or what is best for a OOS freshman. Are there any particular dorms on either campus that I should request?</li>
<li>I've always assumed that I would just go pot luck as far as roommates go, but everyone on facebook seems to be scrambling to find their roommates ahead of time. Any suggestions? Should I try and find someone on facebook, or should I just take my chances and go pot luck?</li>

<p>Do a search through this forum for housing (I went North Campus and am so glad I did, but have found that everyone ends up happy with whatever area of campus they choose). As for pot luck... do it, do it, do it. I don't trust the facebook stuff.</p>

<p>Just to add to the housing, the one thing I didn't realize until later in the semester is that living on North Campus will help you in terms of getting a North Campus dorm your sophomore year, which, trust me, everyone wants to do.</p>

<p>south is mainly for freshmen and underclassmen. i live on south campus and its really nice. i agree that either way you'll love it but you tend to meet more people on south campus.</p>

<p>i heard that the north campus is more roommate style...while the south campus is roommate, suites, and single.</p>

<p>North campus is hallway style with roommates. I'm pretty sure south campus is not single, but a current student can correct me.</p>

<p>There are some singles in hinton james and ehaus..maybe craige but those are usually taken by students going to B-school since its located by the Dean Dome. Freshman usually dont get singles (and to be honest, you dont really want singles). Its not that its bad but if you want to meet new people, living in suites and stuff really helps. North campus is mainly upperclassmen so you meet a lot less and the dorms are a lot more quiet.</p>