Housing Requirements

I’m applying to UNO, and there’s a policy that states that if you’re a freshman, you must stay on campus, (with few exceptions). However I’m not sure I’m going to attend, I haven’t decided yet. Money is an issue, so I was going to wait until I knew my fin aid options for the schools I’ve applied to. Do I apply for housing now, since it’s required and have to do so while they have space, or do I wait until I make my decision and risk them not having any openings?

You have to decide if you can afford to lose a housing deposit, or if you can afford to risk being in a forced triple, or getting no on-campus housing. (If it’s required to live on campus though, I don’t think that is a concern.) If you pay the housing deposit, you will likely lose it if you choose to attend elsewhere. No one here can decide for you.