Housing spot

I have not paid the $25 and submitted my housing application because my mom didn’t want to waste money if we didn’t know if I was going to the school. What will happen in terms of housing for me if I am admitted. Will I even get a chance to get good housing?

A friend of ours ended up in a triple room in Riker Hall this year. She said it’s not that bad.

I did this as well and found out that if you did not pay the $25 early on around when you applied, you won’t get to choose your housing and sometimes you might not even be guaranteed housing. Most likely they will just place you somewhere and you won’t have a choice on where to go, or you might have to be in an economy triple. One thing you can do is find a friend or someone you can room with who has paid that $25 early on and will get to choose their housing. They should be able to pull you in if they request you as a roommate. That is what happened for me.

Is there any way to tell what your spot in line is? My daughter completed her housing application 11/28/15 (probably should have sprung the $25 earlier). Wondering if that is a good, bad or average spot? She’ll probably looking at North Hall LLC also, anybody have thoughts on how hard it is to get into the Pre-Health LLC?

@wvaix2001 if there is a consolation, my kid submitted the $25 housing registration last Dec 1, as we were not aware that we have to pay to guarantee a possible better slot. My kid is taking up business so not sure which dorm would be near to his classroom.

@Greensat If you look at a map of UF, you’ll find most of the business classes (and freshman classes) are in the northeast part of campus (From Heavener Hall, the new College of Business building to Turlington Hall). Some classes (like Chemistry, etc.) will still be scattered around campus. Broward is in a good spot, and you see a few other dorms around Broward (Yulee, Jennings, etc.). The “Broward Area” is also near the Broward Dining Center.


2@livinglikelarry I spoke to housing yesterday, and it is true that if you find a roommate with an earlier housing deposit date, you can be pulled up to select a room with him/her.