Housing @ UCD

<p>i am so confused abt the housing things...
did anyone do anything yet about the housing?
or do we have to do anything b4 they send the housing info (in mid may- late may?</p>

<p>I think we are all on hold until housing contracts arrive. I may call the college this week to check, you might want to do the same.</p>

<p>We wait until mid to late may for the housing contracts to arrive to us, then we put our info and choices down send it back before the dead line then a couple months later we find out what we got.</p>

<p>There is no frist come first serve</p>

<p>so..why does something appear in the MyAdmission web about the housing request? but it seems not to work? can somebody check..plz..</p>

<p>I know what your taking about.</p>

<p>Just wait tell mid May, since its not first come first serve don't worry.</p>

<p>It appeared there like 2 days ago. I tried logging in but they just posted it up ahead of time. Their going to update it as time goes on. I'm assuming as we get closer to the middle of May they will allow us to scope things out online as well. Myself, I really want to get into Segundo infills...</p>

<p>Where are you all from? I'm from the Los Angeles area and I fell in Love with Davis this last weekend when I went up for a tour.</p>