Housing woes

<p>Hey everyone</p>

<p>I'll be attending UW this fall as a transfer student and got offered a contract for Tripp. However, if I'm not wrong, you won't know if you've got a single or double room if you do accept the contract so I'm having second doubts about taking Tripp as I really cannot afford to pay for the single room. Also a friend of mine emailed them and it seems that they don't have any openings for double rooms.</p>

<p>So I was wondering if there are any decent apartments for rent off campus. Preferably bedrooms for 2, near campus and below 600USD per month. I'm currently looking at 626 Langdon but there isn't that much info on it and I can't check it out since in int'l. Any reviews would be super!</p>

<p>thanks in advance!</p>

<p>If you go with Roundhouse Apartments (626 Langdon), from what I can tell you could be committed to a 12 month lease for at least $675/month. You may have to pay extra for utilities and internet access (these would be included in Tripp), you may have to provide your own furniture. It could be just as cost efficient to live in Tripp for 9 months (than the Roundhouse Apartments for 12 months), it will likely be more convenient and possible easier to meet other students if you live in Tripp.</p>

<p>It may in fact be more cost effective to go with Tripp but Madison85 should at least do a little homework before giving advice. From the CHT website (property manager for Roundhouse, 626 Langdon St.): "Features Include attractive comfortable furnishings, heat included...some 9 and 12 month leases, summer only at reduced rates" You may meet people more easily in the dorm environment but Roundhouse is a block from the Union and basically on campus. It's probably worth a phone call/email inquiry:</p>

<p>CHT</a> Apartment Rentals, LLC</p>

<p>(608) 255-6169</p>

<p>Scout1 - you sound like an anti-dorm troll; you've posted just 6 times since May 2009, all with a negative, snotty tone. Are the apartments you own or manage near campus at less than full capacity?</p>

<p>Not anti-dorm at all hence the "it may in fact be more cost effective to go with Tripp" and "you may meet people more easily in the dorm environment" comments. Snotty is a matter of opinion. Tripp very well might be the best option for the OP's needs however the OP was looking for information to assist with making a decision. You simply provided an uneducated opinion, while I attempted to fill in the gaps with actual information. </p>

<p>Good on you with the name calling. Super mature and I'm sure extremely helpful to the OP. I have no intention of getting into a NovaParent/Barrons type war of words with you which serves no purpose to the individuals looking to this forum for advice and information. Instead, since you seem so knowledgeable about UW affairs and clearly want to be of service to people on this forum, why don't you provide some feedback for arekenderina regarding the ability/likelihood of securing a double room at Tripp. Is it possible to do? That would be good information to provide and far more helpful than taking shots at me.</p>