<p>Okay so I’ve already been accepted and paid the confirmation last week but I have not recieved any info on housing. But anyway, which dorms are best for freshmen? Please do not say village because those look boring and I do not want an apartment. Therefore it’s either Hill or Quad. So which one and then which specific building? I want somewhere where I’ll meet a lot of people. Also, I am from out of state so I would prefer to stay in a room that is open during breaks but the only one that is that is not in the village is Graves. But it said something about a sorority in it or something? Is that a good dorm for freshmens?</p>

<p>If you want to be really close to most campus classes, consider the Quad. The buildings are all basically the same, so I don't know if you can necessarily choose one particular hall over another. However, some of these halls are honors only. If you are in the honors college, refer to the list on the housing website and choose based on the list.</p>

<p>The Hill also has 2 honors halls -- Boyd and Sasnett.</p>

<p>If you are female and want an all-female dorm, choose an all female-dorm in the Hill residence hall area. Leischuck and Hall M are all-girls halls. (Leischuck is for freshman females)</p>

<p>If you are bringing a car and want to be able to park very close to where you live, you'll need to live on the Hill. The Hill will also have the most freshmen residents, and has its own dining area. The Hill is not as close to the business school, engineering school, or Haley Center, but isn't too far from the COSAM facilities, theater, and music buildings. Depending on your major, its location may factor into your choice.</p>

<p>There may be renovations occurring in some of the Hill halls next year -- you may want to ask housing if this will actually start up and if this will affect what's available for Fall, 2012.</p>

<p>There are very few halls open during the semester break. Graves Hall is the only dorm open on the Hill during break -- Eagle, Tiger and Plainsman Halls are open in the Village. I was under the impression that the sororities have relocated all their facilities (chapter rooms, living areas) to the Village; I'm sure a greek member will clarify this.</p>

<p>If cost is an issue, the least expensive option is the Hill.</p>

<p>Does anyone know how Auburn chooses your roommate if you don't put down a preference?</p>

<p>Thanks audellmom! I think I would prefer to be in Hill now</p>

<p>My D lives in an honors building in the Quad and loves being in the Quad because it is so centrally located--she is never more than 5 minutes from class (which is especially nice for early morning classes) and close to the library. She will be living in the Village next year in sorority housing and will very much miss being close.</p>

<p>The Hill and Village have better dining options but she eats a lot of healthy food from her fridge and she and her suite mates frequently make themselves nice, healthy meals in the basement kitchen on Friday nights.</p>

<p>She doesn't have a car so parking is not an issue and is from OOS/</p>

<p>My D iives in Aubie and likes living in the Village. Her only complaint is that the soundproofing between floors is rather thin -- she's got noisy neighbors above her -- it's annoying but not anything worth quibbling over. She too uses the kitchen quite a bit to cook, has no car, and rides the shuttle every week to buy groceries, etc. She really likes the transit service.</p>