<p>This might be a very good time to mention:</p>

<p>The only piece of your USC Housing application that you can NOT change is your username. You are asked to select a username at the start of the form and whatever one you choose stays. Remember that in a few months when rooms are assigned all your future roommates / suitemates will be given your username and will be able to check out your preferences. If your username is somewhat weird or gives off the wrong sort of message, just know that it will be seen by others. LOL!!! So if some of you guys would not like your future roomies to see the nom: mommasboy, you are now warned!</p>

<p>Can I give my honest opinion? Birnkrant isn't all it's cracked up to be. My favorite place to spend time is Parkside Arts and Humanities, probably because it's so nice and new. </p>

<p>Tip: make your username as close to your actual name as possible, so that your roommates can find you through the facebook group when the time comes. One of my friends had a roommate with a crazy username and it took forever to find him.</p>

<p>victoriaheidi, both of my sons agree with your assessment. Both chose Parkside Arts & Humanities for the newness, A/C, bathroom setups (2 to a suite and they get cleaned once a week), and proximity to the dining hall that has the best rep plus international meals. It is, however, a five-minute bike ride further across campus from the central dorms. Still, each option has its pros and cons.</p>

<p>Another plug for Parkside - daughter was in IRC freshman year and it is VERY nice ('specially the maid service :) ). She immediately crossed anything without air conditioning off her list, so she didn't even consider Birnkrant.</p>

<p>When you attend explore, is there an opportunity for a housing tour?</p>

<p>What is a customer service center?</p>

<p>How do we sign up for housing, do we need another account or something? I couldn't find anything on the USconnect, but that's probably just the admissions portal.</p>


<p>Link to housing application--
Application</a> Information - Application Information</p>

What is a customer service center?


<p>A place where you will find neither customers nor service.</p>

<p>Seriously, in my son's experience, it was long counter/desk where no one ever sat.</p>

<p>GOOD! now i do not have to rest my decision on that :)</p>

<p>Just turned in the housing application, seems like not many others have yet.</p>

<p>Yeh I did it RIGHT when it came out this morning :) hoping for Birnkrant or Fluor or Webb</p>

<p>which dorm did you guys request? The housing packet thing I got in the mail is so confusing, as is this thread...I don't want to live in a special Honors dorm or any specialized interest hall or anything like that. Just the nicest regular freshmen dorm there is. That's in a pretty centralized location. Which dorm is best for that?</p>

<p>Oh and just to be 100% sure... if you change your housing preference later, the date that you submitted the form stays the same (and therefore you stay high up on the list), right? So there's really no reason to NOT submit the form now even if you're not sure which dorm you want to live in yet? Besides the $45 deposit or however much it is.</p>

<p>icesk8girl, yes, 100%. You can change your choices any time up until they do assignments, but you will keep your "place in line." There is NO reason not to submit, other than wasting 45 bucks if you don't attend USC.</p>

<p>If by "nice," you mean new and air-conditioned, I suggest Parkside Arts and Humanities, the newest dorm, which has "suites" of rooms with private bathrooms for every 2 people (so if there are 3 rooms, that's two baths) - no community bathrooms in the hallway. But do look at all the layouts, etc. for other dorms. Different people have different tastes.</p>

<p>Birnkrant Double, birnkrant triple, fluor, prkside, webb... those were my five.</p>

<p>Last night, my son signed up for Birnkrant dbl as #1 choice.</p>

<p>Is housing mandatory for first-year students? I heard that this is the case for UC's, but I'm not sure about USC.</p>

<p>I'm really looking forward to dorm. I believe that it's all a part of the college experience. Many of the people I've spoken to say that their biggest regret was not dorming in college. But I'm having trouble convincing my parents; because of my close proximity in the SoCal region, my parents are against paying the expenses and would rather keep me at home.</p>

<p>I'm a parent and had to make it clear with DH that kids need to be away from home for college. I lived at home during my early college years and sorely regret it to this day (and I'm old...) I think the life experiences that you will have can't ever be replaced. If it is a financial issue, tell them you will get a job, although that won't cover all of it. Start applying for any scholarships that cover room/board.</p>

<p>I think the whole USC Housing process is amazing. I am so excited to meet my very first roommate. Just thinking about all the memories we'll have makes me mentally jump out of my seat in unbelievable excitement. Also, I have three younger sisters, which is why I am particularly ecstatic about having my first "brother." Hahaha.</p>

<p>mysticzZ, housing is not mandatory for freshmen (sorry!).</p>