<p>What's the best on-campus housing? I know Birnkrant is typically reserved for trustee and presidential scholars, but is it the best on-campus housing option?</p>

<p>Yes it is.</p>

<p>Well, actually Webb is better, but that's not for freshmen. Fluor is probably the second best freshman option, but it's typically reserved for athletes.</p>

<p>Do deans scholars also get birnkrant? and how do i sign up for housing?</p>

<p>According to D (after going on housing tour in December), Webb will be mainly freshmen next year so that would be an option for you. This year, Birnkrant consisted of Trustee, Presidential scholars and some Thematic Option students.</p>

<p>The sign-up for housing for freshman 2012-2013 will open 2/1/2012 according to USC housing application page. You will pay a fee.</p>

<p>Here is a link for housing at USC options:
<a href="http://housing.usc.edu/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://housing.usc.edu/&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>My daughter was not invited to live in birnkrant. She is in Thematic Options and Deans. She is a freshman now.</p>

<p>Are they trying to create some elitist space reserved for scholarship students or something?? Why would you even do that... I'm baffled. Do they get to sit at the head of the table during meals too?</p>

<p>Seahawks. The dorm right next door is great too. It's called new/ north. Everyone eats together at EVK.</p>

<p>@ Seahawks---Many schools have honors dorms and there are so many choices at USC besides this one dorm. There are numerous themed floors and dorms as well which are restricted in some sense or another (you need to apply for them). It is an added benefit to recruit certain students.</p>

<p>^I understand, and I'm sorry if I'm turning this into an argument. I see the sense in putting people in a similar program together (like the residential honor's program, ethnic floors, etc), but not ones who are there on scholarship. Maybe if you're trying to "recruit" them, but even that sounds kind of lame- "don't worry, you'll only be living with people deemed as intelligent as you". </p>

<p>Personally, I'd like to eventually live in Pardee's business floor, which sounds pretty cool to me.</p>

<p>Just to be admitted to USC you have to be incredibly smart. The idea in housing has been to offer selections that will allow kids to live with others who may share their lifestyles to some degree. The honors dorms are more known for keeping pretty quiet which for many freshmen is not what they may be looking for. Of course, for many more it is just what they need to study in the room. Different strokes, you know? </p>

<p>There's a film floor in New/North that appeals to kids in SCA and others who may be minoring in film or even just interested in it. And there are dorms that are known to attract the more social kids which can be fun (a lot of these kids are interested in Greek life it seems) but with a lot of socializing going on in the rooms, it's not so conducive to quiet studies. However, lots of those kids prefer to use Leavey Library when they need quiet to read and write.</p>

<p>Perhaps USC has learned over the years that <em>most</em> freshmen are happy with the many choices they get. If you choose to do TO, I believe you have a chance to get into Birnkrandt too. </p>

<p>I'll just restate that the rooms in Birnkrandt are not very different than other dorms. There are not a lot of triples in any case, and some really don't like to be in a room with 2 others. It's just that in the old days (prior to this year--heh) Birnkrant attracted very social kids but was still a little quieter (less partiers wandering in late into the night) than the other social dorm New/North. So now, with the majority of B's kids now in honors programs at USC, it doesn't really feel like the old B that you may read in old posts was a favorite in the past.</p>

<p>Just my more than 2 cents.</p>

<p>As usual, I agree with madbean. Something that I find funny is that they had an "honors" dorm prior to last year (I can't remember what it was called...) that was a fairly reserved place and not generally on the list of most-wanted dorms. Birnkrandt was know as the "social" dorm and was very popular (among the early admits in particular), so it would quickly fill up with Presidential and Trustee scholars (who in general ignored the "honors" dorm) and in turn all of you want it based on that popularity. What is funny is that in a few years when all the stories of the "old" Birnkrandt fade, there will be a new dorm that gets the reputation as the "social" dorm... and all the early admits will choose it... and Birnkrandt will be ignored... and USC will designate THAT dorm as the Presidential/Trustee dorm and the cycle will start all over again. </p>


<p>So in conclusion, is Birnkrandt a nice place for a freshman to dorm or not? I'm confused. Will the lack of AC be a problem even though we'd be in SoCal?</p>

<p>JacobStudent, to students from anywhere else, probably not. My son is from SoCal, and the idea was unacceptable to him (he also spent two summers at USC, which probably influenced this) But there are a few hot weeks during the school year as well - nothing scorching, but hot. Most kids get by with a fan.</p>

<p>My son elected to be in one of the newer A/C dorms, Parkside Arts and Humanities (music special interest floor), and was glad he did.</p>

<p>I think what Alamemom is saying is that until just last year, Birkrandt had one reputation (Birkrandt and New/North were the "more social" dorms, with Birnkrant having the rep of being slightly less so)... then it became the honors dorm. So we're assuming it's not exactly the same vibe as earlier years. But I'm sure it's still great.</p>

<p>Just a few facts: Birnkrandt and New/North are near each other and the Quad. Parkside is across campus (although the campus is really quite small) and has the advantage of close proximity to the "better" dining hall by most assessments. Somewhere are on here a couple great housing threads from the past with lots more scoop. Perhaps search "titles" for "dorms" or "housing."</p>

<p>Can you put a deposit down to hold a room now? And then if someone you want to room with gets into USC add them to be your roommate? Or, do you have to wait if you want to specify a roommate? Also, I am confused- isn't "new" one dorm and "north" another dorm?</p>


<p>According to the housing website, you can start the process beginning 2/1 (tomorrow). You can put down the non-refundable deposit to "get in line". Later, you can search for a roommate through the housing site or look for one on Facebook (someone usually starts an Admitted students Facebook group). You don't need to worry about this now. Applying early just gives you full range of housing options later.</p>

<p>lorilynne (congratulations, btw!), New (the oldest dorm on campus in age, but renovated 2 years ago) and North are connected by hallways and seem to me to be one large dorm (often referred to as New/North) but are considered separate dorms on the Housing application for some reason No idea why. </p>

<p>Good advice to all students who have received admissions results--please go to the USC Housing website and read up. The smart way to go is to put down your housing fee (last year a one-time fee $45) and get your place in line, so to speak. There is no need to know for sure you are attending USC, but the fee will not be returned. Still, many find that a very small price to get the first choice of dorms/room assignments. You will be asked your preference in dorms and YOU DO NOT have to decide right now. You actually have until around May 15ish (check on this closer to the time) to commit to your first, second choice etc. You can also request roommates any time before the school assigns rooms. Even AFTER rooms are assigned, roommate changes can be made, however you may have to give up the dorm assignment, so deciding early enough will help with that.</p>


<p>So I can apply for housing tomorrow and save my place early in line even though I don't know which dorm I want to stay in? I don't have to write down my preferences on the application tomorrow?</p>

<p>^^I very much recommend you do that! You will save your place and can even go back and change your preferences and then change them again, so long as it is before the cutoff date in May. When the housing office starts assigning rooms they will go in the order of those who sign up. You want an early number if possible if you care about choice of dorms. </p>

<p>I can't remember my S's applications for housing (they did them) but I think you do need to list a preference to file the online form. Just select the one you think you like now. Since most of you have received early notice, it's likely you will be Trustee, Pres or Deans scholars and might want to list Birnkrant first and then do more research and change if you like. You can really list any dorm, just to save the place in line.</p>

<p>Hope that helps.</p>

<p>are you able to change your profile questions (step 3) after submitting your housing app and payment as well housing your housing preferences?</p>

<p>S gave me all his info to input this morning for housing which is now complete BUT I had to call housing because you are not able to "complete" the application until they assign a space. If you get all the way to the "meal plan" tab, then you are as far as you can go until a space is assigned. Your deposit of $45 will still hold your place in line.</p>

<p>@highschoolst - yes there was a link to change your profile questions.</p>