<p>I've been looking at some of the housing options on the UChi website, and I had a couple questions... Personally, I prefer a female-only residence hall, and from the website, I know that UChi does not have that. However, when we were on campus in December, my mom said she saw a female-only residence hall somewhere. Is this true, or were we deceived by the dark? I know there is a "female-only wing"--at what residence hall is it located? Does anyone have any preferences for residence halls--which one do you like the best? Thanks much! :)</p>

<p>None of our residence halls are female-only. However, some halls have female-only floors and bathrooms. Snell-Hitchcock, Breckenridge, parts of Max Palevsky (note: this doesn’t really matter in Max Palevsky because, as it is “suite style”, all of the suites have a private entrance from the hallway and will be single-sex within the suite), and Burton-Judson offer this option. All Broadview, Stony Island, and Blackstone rooms have private bathrooms, although not all floors are single sex, but would be single-sex within the room or apartment. South Campus also offers single sex floors and apartment style rooms that would be single sex. </p>

<p>The only dorm I would avoid if seeking specifically a single sex experience is Pierce Tower. No Pierce floors are single sex and most Pierce bathrooms are mixed gender.</p>

<p>Also, just a comment on the Max single-sex floors… they’re a bit of a misnomer. It’s Hoover house, which takes up the 3rd and 4th floors (I think) of Max East – however, those floors are also shared with Alper and/or May house (I can’t remember the floor alignments)… basically, while the ‘house’ is single-sex floors, the house next over, which is located a few feet down the hall, is not single-sex floors so there will in fact be both sexes on all floors. There will just be ‘chunks’ of all male and all female on each floor (Hoover House). </p>

<p>Although Grace makes a good point that Max has private bathrooms, so unless you’re afraid of even seeing a boy in the hallway or having them live next/across from you, then you should be fine. </p>

<p>South/Snell/Breck are probably different.</p>