<p>What are the Sorority Houses that they have at FSU ?</p>

<p>Panhellenic</a> Chapters</p>

<p>That's it ? None of the Multicultural ones ?</p>

<p>I assumed you were referring to the Panhellenic Sororities that have houses at FSU. </p>

<p>Here is a link to all the information on greek life at FSU.</p>

<p>Office</a> of Greek Life at The Florida State University</p>

<p>Its okay for the assumption but I was wondering if any of the other sororities that aren't Panhellic have houses ?</p>

<p>The best resource would be the office of greek life. You can contact them by email though the link in the previous post.</p>

<p>Oh Okay. Thanks</p>