<p>This is mostly for current students or people with experience on campus...</p>

<p>I'll be transferring to WashU in the fall, so my main concerns with housing are a social atmosphere to facilitate the making of new friends at a new school.</p>

<p>I already sent in my housing forms, since I hear they're first come first served and I was worried about not getting my choices.</p>

<p>What are the better dorms on campus? Is south 40 the best place to be for new students? Do you think it will be possible for me to get a single in the south 40?</p>

<p>Any other comments/anecdotes on residential life at WashU would be great!</p>

<p>Yeah, I'd like to know too. I just got accepted and am filling out housing forms now (just in case I decide to go).</p>

<p>What are the best dorms? Can anyone give a description of them?</p>


<p>WU</a> Housing Selection Website - Home</p>

<p>Try this link, it has the floor plans. I don't think you could choose the dorm, but at least you could have an idea.</p>

<p>On the form it gives you the choice of modern or traditional dorm styles. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these because from the descriptions it seems that the only difference is bathroom position.</p>

<p>If you are an incoming freshman, you cannot choose a specific dorm - you can only list your preferences in numeric order (i.e. #1 single modern, #2 single traditional, #3 double modern, etc.).</p>

<p>As far as freshmen are concerned, I believe all of the dorms are modern except Beaumont, Rubelmann, and Lee. Umrath, a fourth traditional dorm, will be demolished as soon as school is out and replaced with a new dorm.<br>
I don't believe that new dorm will be ready by August. In the traditional dorms, nearly all the rooms are doubles and triples. The restrooms with showers are out in the hall and you share them with the others on your floor (one male, one female restroom per floor). The room sizes in the traditional dorms are slightly smaller (double room is 11.5' X 14' in a traditional vs 10.5' X 17' in a modern). Traditional dorms are cheaper and most say they are more "social". They are concrete block construction and of course, are older than the modern dorms. The suite set up of the modern dorms make it easier to stay in your room. People are sometimes disappointed when assigned a traditional dorm their freshman year, but after they have lived there awhile,
most seem very happy. The modern freshmen dorms are mostly suite set ups - two double rooms that are connected by a bathroom that the four suitemates share. I was told that they made some of the "common areas" of rooms into single rooms in Park dorm - if you look at the floor plan of Park dorm via the link Cressmom provided, you can see how this is set up.</p>

<p>Lovehex, if you will be a sophomore, yes, I would think the South 40 would be the best place for you. It is my understanding that sophomores have priority for South 40 rooms this year and it is also my understand that the majority of sophomores live on the South 40. There are both many singles and doubles in the dorms of upperclassmen. The modern upperclassmen dorms (i.e. Gregg, Nemerov, Shepley, and Wheeler), have predominantly four single room suites (and a few double rooms thrown in there). Looking at the floor plans, I did also notice some three person suites. If you look at the floor plans, you can see what I mean - there are four single bedrooms (size 8' X 13' each) in the room. These four roommates share a common room and a bathroom that is also located IN the room. Upperclass traditional dorms (i.e. Hitzeman, Hurt, Myers, Dauten, Rutledge, Shanedling) have six students per room - there are two double rooms and two singles rooms with a common room and a bathroom IN the room. These dorms also have balconies. There are just four of these six person suite style rooms per floor. These six person suites are also slightly cheaper than the modern suites. </p>

<p>Lovehex, as far as if you can get a single room, I think it would be possible. I don't know how they handle room requests for transfers. Right now housing selection for upperclassmen is taking place. There is a lottery system - the lower your number, the greater your chance of getting the dorm you want and the kind of room you want. The students search around and set up their own "roommate groups" then request the dorms and type of rooms they want. If you have a high lottery number you might not get one of your top choices. You also might have to break up your "roommate group" to fit into the types of rooms that are left. I don't know if transfer students are then fit into the slots that are left at the end of upperclassmen room assignment - I just don't know.</p>

<p>Any more specific questions - PM me.</p>

<p>I think though that most transfer students get put on North Campus at the Village from what I've heard because they do housing by years you've been on campus. (I think that for selection this year for round 3 which is for the south 40, the housing round is actually done by highest number. WashU wants upperclassmen off campus to fit the freshman and sophomores in.) and as for the dorms too be demolished all the old traditional dorms I think are being demolished (at least lee and beaumont can since they have already drilled the holes for the dynamite) So I don't know what the options for next year are. Reslife may just assign you a spot since you can't really find a suite to make.</p>

<p>That's partially correct-
The S40 round is done by highest number, but the round for the Village and Millbrook (not off-campus) and the off-campus University-owned apartments is done by lowest number. Upperclassmen aren't being kicked "off-campus", just from the S40, which is sort of different.
Umrath is the dorm they're tearing down this summer, to be followed by Ruby at a later date. I don't think there are any immediate plans to knock down Lee/Beaumont however....
The student paper had an interesting article today about these plans - Washington</a> University reveals plans for future of South 40 - News</p>

<p>Sigh, well this is depressing; I was really hoping for the South 40. But I don't quite understand your logic...if they want sophomores and freshman, shouldn't I have a good chance then?</p>

<p>I've heard in the past that transfers have gotten screwed over as far as housing...but I was assured that since I was given the form and that I'll be a sophomore I would be fine...</p>

<p>You probably will be...I know of a lot of transfer students this year who were housed in Eliot (a modern dorm on the S40) as sophomores.</p>