<p>Okay, so I got Unit 1 for housing, not bad right? Except when I went to the Terms and Conditions page, there was a link to the Substance Free Living Terms and Conditions. Does this mean i'm in the sub-free dorm, or does everyone have this? I'm freaking out..</p>

<p>Where did you find out your housing assignment?
...Then if I got Unit 1 I'll let you know if mine says the same thing. Hah! :)</p>

<p>No, I got that link too, and if you notice, there's a link to Wade Apartment stuff. I think they give a general set of links to everyone and you just gotta look at whatever pertains to you.</p>

<p>Unit 1 is really close to campus and to Crossroads for meals! :) </p>

<p>I'm happy with my housing offer, except I got a triple...I've seen pictures of triple rooms, they look really cramped for space =/</p>

<p>I also got Unit 1 and I believe I'm seeing the same link. So I think it's just there for everyone.
And NYSP, I'm in the same boat, I'm in a triple as well... But honestly, I think it'll be alright. More people to befriend, on the bright side!</p>

<p>where'd u guys find this? i didn't get an email and they sent me one for the summer</p>

<p>AHHH!!! I GOT IT!! first choice!! unit 3 double so excited! as u can tell lol</p>

<p>what does RH stand for? just residence hall?</p>

<p>and should I get the standard or premium meal plan if I usually don't eat breakfast, but I eat lunch, dinner, and a snack between the two. Also, I eat breakfast on half of the days..so which plan is better?</p>


<p>RH: Residence hall.</p>

<p>And I'd say, talk to your parents about it first but I decided on just getting the standard plan.</p>

<p>Does anyone know when/how we find out roommates' names so we can find them on facebook and such? So so so glad I'm in Unit 1!</p>

<p>lol jw how come u dont want clark kerr? did u put it on ur app? i wanted to stay there but it's too far of a walk for me cuz i'm lazy : ] and not athletic. im sure u'lll like it though, it has good food i heard, and it's spacious : ]</p>

Why are you complaining about CKC as an incoming freshman? I got it too, it was my first choice. It is the nicest of the dorms as a general rule. It was just remodeled and it really is not that far from campus. The only downside is the added cost. Here, this should be helpful YouTube</a> - Nic Blair Dorm Room Experience</p>

<p>Also, they have the best dining hall</p>

You'll be fine, I hear Clark Kerr is pretty nice looking! :) What makes you worry about being there?</p>

<p>I'm the best person to make decisions for myself. : ] And I don't say that with a haughty attitude but they look at factors that don't matter and they don't know my eating style, etc. If I listened to them, I'd be in community college right now. lol jk </p>

<p>but how much do the meal plans cover? 3 meals a day for standard? and then premium for athletes or something?</p>

<p>Yeah, if there's anything to complain about, I'd imagine it would be anything except for CK or the Units...like foothill. 24 hour library? mm..no thanx.</p>

<p>Oh, well I was just saying that under the impression that your parents were going to be paying for it, but I guess everybody's different! The breakdown I've gotten from people is that standard works out just fine because you can add 'points' if you're running low by paying for them.... But with the premium plan you may end up with extra points that you can't turn back into cash at the end of the semester! Really, though, I guess it comes down to how much you feel like you actually eat.</p>

<p>Ok I might've overreacted a bit, but CKC was not on my top 4, so yea I guess the lottery sorta screwed me. The reason I don't like it is A) it's very far from campus and B) I hear there aren't as many freshman/not nearly as many as in the units, I'm not sure about the social scene but I really don't want to be living with a bunch of upper classmen. </p>

<p>I know the rooms are better and what not, but I was never really concerned with big or small rooms. I was really looking forward to a dorm life with a floor full of freshman like myself that I could live with and hang out with all the time, which could be found in the units. Maybe I'm wrong and it's in CKC too, but I've heard so many good things about the Units I just really wanted one.</p>

<p>I would loved to be proven wrong, make me love CKC!</p>

To be honest I probably would have freaked out a little bit too like you did, just because I had my heart set on the Units because of the 'social scene' you described. I do hear that Clark Kerr has an athletes and upperclassmen kind of reputation, but you definitely are not going to be the ONLY freshman there! And even if you guys are surrounded by older kids, it may just make you closer and you could make friends that will last you your whole college career and afterward. :)</p>

<p>I don't know as much about CKC as I do about the other RHs, but on my visit the first place I ended up visiting was Foothill. It has the reputation of being sort of antisocial. But I talked to these four girls that lived there, and they said that even though their dorm was quiet, they were REALLY glad to have each other. Even if a lot of people around you aren't necessarily friendly, you'll find friends, I promise! I think the Foothill area is perceived as the most 'antisocial' of all the dorms, and these people still found each other and were happy! So at CKC you'll definitely have those people to hang out with and have a good time.</p>

<p>And one more thing... I've heard people associate by class so much less in college than in high school. :) So you could end up being friends with some of the older kids in the dorms too!</p>

<p>Hah, I wrote a lot... But this would've been the rationale I would've had for myself, had I been placed somewhere other than the Units. So this was all in my head for months, mentally preparing myself in case I didn't get what I wanted. It's gonna be ok! You're going to meet people and have a great time.</p>

<p>Oh yeah, they are paying for it hah but I still think I have better judgement. My parents are diff. so this all might seem odd. lol For instance, they wanted me to go to UCLA or UC Berkeley before I got in for the sole reason of basically showing off to their friends. They hadn't heard of the private schools Brown and Vanderbilt before and neither would many of their friends know about them, but that's how they are. That's what I mean by better judgement. I considered what each college offered, location, academics, housing, etc. </p>

<p>But anyways! Lol yeah I chose standard plan, and I'll add more later if I need to. There's a $100 difference if I end up spending as many points as premium (and that would be for not purchasing premium early)..if that makes sense..</p>

<p>Yeah, I'd like it if there were more upper classmen too! I've taken college classes while in high school and the nicer friends were the ones I met in college. They're more mature and know what they're doing. So that's one good aspect of it! You can learn from them and they'll know everything pretty much.</p>

<p>You won't be with upper classmen, almost all of them live offcampus not in dorms. </p>

<p>The athletes are mostly in CKC. The school seems to think that is how they pamper their top Golden Bears and the athletes haven't risen up in revolt.</p>