How 2 get a 5.0 gpa

<p>Hi everyone. I was wondering how people have above 5.0 GPAs. Aren't AP and IB classes only have a 1 point weight to them? Is it possible to get above a 5.0, or r people just fibbing about their GPAs?</p>

<p>Step 1) Go to a school with a 6.0 weighted GPA scale.
Step 2) Do reasonably well.
Step 3) Relish in your accomplishments.</p>

<p>At my school the highest possible is 4.8 something because religion is required each semester, and those are weighted as regular classes.</p>

<p>^^ You should publish a book. </p>

<p>The Idiot's Guide for Getting above a 5.0 GPA: For Dummies.</p>


<p>People have 5.0+ grades in my school, though it is extremely rare. Our scale is like this for honors/ap classes:</p>

<p>A+: 5.33
A: 5.00
A-: 4.67
B+: 4.33
B: 4.00
B-: 3.67
and so on</p>

<p>Gym is a non honors so the highest you can get is a 4</p>

<p>So if there is a mix of A+s and an A in gym than you are set</p>

<p>That's a bit bizarre^^^</p>

<p>but differences in GPA between two students do not matter if they are due to different systems of grading, so keep that in mind. A 5.33 doesn't mean anything different than a 5.0 if they both signify the highest possible grade achieved.</p>

<li>go to a school that doesnt weight</li>
<li>sleep with the principal </li>

<p>It depends if you want a 5.0 GPA for your entire high school career, or just for a year.</p>

<p>You essentially need to take all Honors and AP classes and gets As in all of them.</p>