How about that black dude in all the pictures!

<p>Who here is with me that COLUMBIA must STOP putting that black teacher with the dred locks on all its publications / website!</p>

<p>You MUST know who I'm talking about!</p>


<p>Whats wrong w/ the pic? He looks kinda funny...but hey, let him be.</p>

<p>nothing wrong hes just in EVERYTHING that has to do with Columbia</p>

<p>he should charge royalties</p>

<p>ever heard of affirmative action? <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>the University of Wisconsin and other schools have been known to airbrush out white students and put black heads on them to make the school appear diverse! I hate diversity photos, they look so stupid.</p>

<p>of course I know what affirmative action is reeze, don't make this a stupid AA thread</p>

<p>I'm not commenting on how he's black, but how he's the strangest looking professor I've ever seen.</p>

<p>well you know what I personally think is great...</p>

<p>the two kids who are laughing together on the front of the Columbia viewbook I got... they look like they're pointing and making fun of someone else...</p>

<p>I vote Columbia for most hilariously awkward publications</p>

<p>This reminds me of that episode of Scrubs where the black surgeon was on the cover of his college's guidebook twice in one photo!</p>

<p>i haven't seen these. i guess i will have to dig my viewbook out of the looming pile of college stuff in the corner of my room.</p>