how accurate are the "Real SAT II" practice tests?

<p>I know these tests are from College Board, but they're like ten years old. So how accurate are the curves? Has our generation gotten smarter/dumber/stayed the same?</p>

<p>The reason I ask is because I just took a practice tests in US History and Literature yesterday to see where I stand before I start studying...I received a 740 and 770 respectively. If I got these scores on the actual test in May, I'd be totally psyched.</p>

<p>So I'm trying to figure out exactly how much effort I need to put in my studying. If these practice tests are way easier than the actual tests are now, then obviously I'll have to go through and review a lot. But if they represent the same level of difficulty, I'm pretty happy with my performance.</p>

<p>Then again, maybe I got lucky and happened to do well on just this one particular practice test....</p>

<p>i would like to know this as well!!!</p>

<p>let me put it this way: I got a 780 on the bio M in the Real SAT2 Book but got a 710 in real life....then again I did get 670's on sparknotes' tests...</p>

<p>Fairly accurate</p>

<p>Exactly in range with what the book told me.</p>

<p>they weren't accurate for me</p>