How accurate is my observation??

<p>Hey!! After solving a few papers from the official guide and a few CB official exam papers, I've found that unlike Gruber's and Kaplan Critical Reading Sections by CB emphasize more on vocabulary rather than accurate understanding of the passage.. More simply, if one knows what the word means, the questions would be as straightforward as possible (unlike those on Gruber's and Kaplan).. Is my observation correct? I'm appearing for the SAT on the 5th of June and my point is: shall is concentrate on further vocabulary development or shall I just practise more and more passages?? Please reply ASAP!! :)</p>

<p>anyone?? :(</p>

<p>Vocabulary is integral to success on the Sentence Completion questions; and, although a good vocabulary will help with some passage questions, it won't get you very far.</p>

<p>Consider this: the most efficient and usually least painful way of gaining vocabulary is by reading. Just read. Reading the newspaper is helpful because newspaper are usually written on higher reading levels, but read anything that seems appropriate. Heck, I learned a lot of words from Harry Potter and Eragon. Other CR questions, like the passage questions, are easy to conquer with practice and test-taking skills - work on those while absorbing vocabulary from the world around you.</p>

<p>^ I do not agree. Yes, reading will yield the most organic vocabulary; but for the SAT, going through well-designed vocabulary lists (e.g., Direct Hits) is significantly more efficient.</p>

<p>Thank you!! :)
Unfortunately Direct Hits is not available in my country. :( But I've been doing Barron's Hot words for SAT, High frequency words, Rocket Review and a few more lists! Is good for Vocabulary!? Any idea?</p>