how accurate predictor are Barron's practice GREs?

<p>So I took the GRE general test a year ago twice, and scored a 490 and 410 on the verbal. I'm seriously considering taking it a 3RD time.</p>

<p>But I took two practice tests today from Powerprep, and got in the mid 500s! When I took the practice tests in the past, my scores varied wildly, from low 400s to low 500s. And I have since forgot hundreds of the words I had memorized. Maybe I just got test anxiety?</p>

<p>However, I then took two practice paper tests from Barron's GRE test prep, and both times I scored in the low 400s for the verbal!</p>

<p>I heard that the Powerprep is a good predictor for a score. But what about the Barrons practice test? Is the big difference in my scores troubling? Or should I just ignore the Barron's score? </p>

<p>I'm a little skeptical of the Powerprep's score since even in the past, I scored much worse on the real test than the powerprep</p>

<p>Powerprep imo is the closest estimate you will be able to get. Both from my experience and from others' experiences that I've read online, the scores show a good correlation with the real test.
Barron's is generally set up to be harder. My Barron's verbal scores were always about 30 points less than what my Powerprep scores were.</p>