How am I doing/Chance me?


I am currently a rising Junior at my highschool in Florida. I have an unweighted GPA of 3.6 and a weighted GPA of 4.7 currently and am in the top 5% of my class of 630 students.

I plan on majoring in Aerospace and or Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Business Administration and am looking for strong engineering programs in the colleges I apply to as well as affordability. I’m most likely going to be staying in-state for college and go to UCF or UF. However, I’m still considering applying to colleges with strong engineering backgrounds/in states near my extended family, such as Georgia Tech, UT Austin, and New Mexico State (my dad went there). Any recommendations for other colleges with strong engineering program to consider would be great.

I’ll go in order explaining my ECs and course loads before. If you have any college or highschool advice or guidance, it would be much appreciated!!


-2yrs of JV tennis (freshman and sophomore) I’ve played both with my community’s tennis team and school’s competitive team. I won two of my singles matches my first season and wasn’t able to continue my second season due to COVID.
-Engineering Club: competed in the banner, essay writing, and generator SECME competitions; ran for and was elected Vice President of the club my freshman year and still currently hold the position.
-NEHS: inducted sophomore year as a member and was appointed the Community Outreach Committee Chairperson later that year
-Science Olympiads: also joined sophomore year; was a part of a small team that competed in the Anatomy and Physiology Test category at the University of Miami.
-FIRST Robotics Team: Business Captain currently (I lead our teams’ efforts in sponsorships, finances, outreach events, advertisement/design branding, and awards writing), also was Pit Boss and worked with Drive Team when we won Engineering Inspiration this year at our regional competition in South Carolina, an award sponsored by NASA that qualified us for World Championships in Houston before COVID hit.
-D.E.C.A. (only freshman year, competed in Business Admin and Management category)
-Girls Who Code: we just started this club at my school my sophomore year

(as a reference, I currently have 163 hrs)
-judge at a virtual debate tournmanet this past summer
-Motorola Internship this past summer
-worked at the Humane Society as a volunteer the summer before my sophomore year
-volunteered at local observatory on nights to help in teaching and guiding visitors in learning about the constellations, space, and telescopes.
-I’ve been in my school’s engineering program the last two year and planning on graduating having completed the program and the AutoCAD and Solidworks certifications I’m currently working on.
-I participated in a HackTheLib hackathon this past summer as well, which was a lot of fun, but also difficult as I still don’t have much experience in coding (I’m working on this though lol)

AP classes:
-AP Human Geo: 4 (freshman year)
-AP World History: 4 (sophomore year)
-AP Capstone Seminar: 5 (sophomore year)

this year I plan to take:
-AP Capstone Research
-AP Physics 1
-US History H
-Calc H
-AP Computer Science A
-Marketing 3 H
-Chem 1 H

current plan for senior year:
-U.S. Government honors
-AP Chem
-AP Physics BC
-AP Calc 1
-AP Computer Science Principles
-Engineering 3 H
-Engineering 4 H
-dual enroll ENC1102 my summer before senior year to allow space in my schedule

Current summer courses I’m taking:
-AP Macroeconomics
-Earth Space Science Honors
-Spanish 2
-ENC1101: dual enrolled online at my local community college (finished)

Sorry this is so long I just kind of put everything here lol. Im taking my ACT/SATs this year so I don’t have those scores yet but my last PSAT score was an 1130. I’m not sure if I’m doing enough courses and extracurricular wise? Maybe I’m doing too much idk What would be my chances with out of state college admissions? How should I structure my safe schools, target schools, reach schools, etc? Again, any advice or feedback would be highly appreciated.

Florida has the least expensive tuition in the country. All the other out of state schools are going to be 5-6 times more. It’s just not worth the tuition, when the FL schools you’re looking into are already ABET accredited.

You need to get your unweighted GPA ad SAT up for UF. The middle 50% for the freshman class entering 2020 is below. UF recalculates your GPA themselves and they remove all non AP/IB/AICE electives. They even remove non-core dual enrollment classes from the calculation. They give you .5 for CORE honors and 1pt for all AP/AICE/IB and 1pt for CORE Dual Enrollment.

GPA: 4.4 - 4.6
ACT: 30 - 33
SAT: 1320 - 1460