how am i doing?? great math SAT IIs and bad bio score

<p>hi i am new here
my scores to date are
molecular biology 620!! 47th percentile! cry!
math IC 750 97th percentle ..=).. (i made stupid mistakes grr)</p>

<p>today i took math IIC.. i am currently in a precalc class but i found the test to be extremely easy, without any studying =O ...i know the test itself was hard, but i am good at math.
questions 1-48 i am very confident about, minus maybe two for the guaranteed stupid mistakes i make... 49, was a matrix problem that i left blank because i was clueless, and 50 was a tough problem that i wasnt sure how to approach, but i came to a reasonable answer which i put down. </p>

<p>do you know what my score would be if i eliminated one and get 1-3 wrong? is that an 800? </p>

<p>BTW, its not the same test as the official Nov 2004 SAT II math IIC, because i am a deaf kid, and thus a "special needs" kid so my IEP says i must take all standardized tests separately on a different day.. so i got a diff. test than you guys...</p>

<p>also... what to do with bio?????? it was my first satII and i bombed it. is the only way to get rid of it (figuratively) to retake Bio again, or can i take chem or physics instead.. i have a feeling that i will do much better on those, probably physics, since i have a particular dislike for Bio for some reason...</p>