How am I doing?

<p>I'm a junior; class of 2006.</p>

<p>I will not be indicating my race on my apps because I do not believe in that. I do not need the pity of admissions officers and I do not believe that apps should even have a space for this. What does race have to do with anything?</p>

<p>Competitive public school.</p>

<p>GPA by graduation should be 4.02 or so weighted. I don't know about unweighted.</p>

<p>Currently top 15%. </p>

Star Raiders (anti-drug program for children), 3 years
French Club, 4 years (possibly an officer next year)
Possibly NHS (I haven't gotten my acceptance/rejection letter yet)
Possibly French Honor Society and/or Quill and Scroll (for journalism)
Newspaper staff, 2 years
Lit Mag, 2 years
Starting up a French painting club
Applied to a mini-medical school for high schoolers, I need to get through interview before I know if I've been accepted or not
Translator at my church (consecutively from Korean to English...hopefully I can work at it and do it simultaneously)
Volunteer at hospital, should have over 100 hours by graduation</p>

<p>The only standardized test scores I have are my PSATs...I got a 189 on a practice one, and just took the real thing this morning.</p>

<p>I am reaching for the equivalent of a 1400+ on the new SAT I that is out of 2400.</p>

<p>I will be taking SAT IIs, but I don't know what subjects yet.</p>

<p>I hope for a 30+ on the ACT.</p>

<p>I plan to study various foreign languages in college, especially French.</p>

<p>Schools I'm interested in (I live in the Chicago land area):
U of Chicago
Illinois Wesleyan
I guess I'll have to apply to U of I at Urbana-Champaign (would this be considered a safety for me?)
Harvard (def a reach for me, my dream; cousin and uncle went there)
Wellesley (cousin went there)

<p>What would be some good matches for me? And yes, I do realize that it's extremely hard to predict these things, especially since I do not have my test scores.</p>

<p>Your efforts are appreciated.</p>

<p>Uchicago-probably not, but they're more subjective, so you have an okay chance</p>

<p>Northwestern-I seriously doubt it</p>

<p>Illinois Weseleyan-Never heard of</p>

<p>Grinnel-probably in</p>

<p>Wellesely-not probable</p>



<p>NYU-almost impossible to tell w/o scores</p>

<p>your rank is killing you, if you can get into the top 10% your chances at every school DRAMATICALLY increase</p>

<p>Wow...thanks for the input, to say the least. I was initially a bit shocked, but I guess that's the world of college admissions.</p>

<p>Please, everyone else who has an opinion...speak up!</p>

<p>I'm not trying to be brutal really! I just think it's better to be frank and "tell it like it is"
However, UChicago is probably your best reach, because they care the most about essays and personal issues</p>

<p>I think you have a decent chance. Focus on your grades, that's your weak point. Try to end up at least top 10%. Also, make sure you get your SAT's in the 1400s. Of course, a couple colleges are reaches for about everyone, but I think you have a shot at most.</p>

<p>I agree with flipchick1127. right now, your chances are only decent. however, you still have a year left. work hard this year and improve your stats! then your chances will definitely increase.<br>
this is a little early, but when you fill out your application, cut down on your clubs. it looks a lot better to just have a few than have a resume a mile long. (even if you do feel that they're all important)<br>
I hope this helped!</p>

<p>Talk about a competitve world! I had no idea that boosting myself 5% more would increase my chances dramatically. I thank all of you for your help!</p>

<p>Any different comments, suggestions are appreciated as well!</p>

<p>Would Macalester do me any good? Any suggestions for good liberal arts schools within my reach?</p>