How am I looking?

<p>SAT: 2140, 1410
(I expect at least 40-100 additional points in the total, and most likely a 1500)
GPA: 4.8/6.0(Approx a 3.2 on the 4.0 scale)
School: Private Boarding School(Merit Scholarship Student)
8 AP Exams taken by my junior year.
Major: Business/Finance
Minors(Ideally my minors): Philosophy and Applied Mathematics </p>

<p>I have some community service ECs, I'm doing an internship and some community service... I am an avid peer tutor, MUN member, I am starting an economics team at my school as well. I am a member of the math team. I expect strong essays and decent teacher reqs. I have strong analysis and logic skills, and I am a strong writer. </p>

<p>Junior Year Schedule(Most Demanding):
AP Physics
AP BC Calc
Honors Bio</p>

<p>Senior Year Schedule:
Finance, Marketing and Accounting Independent Study
Engineering(two terms) and Bio Technology
AP Chemistry
AP English
Post Calc</p>


<p>Babson Coll
Boston Coll
Boston Univ
Brown Univ
Carnegie Mellon Univ
Univ of Chicago
Claremont McKenna Coll
Columbia Univ
George Wash Univ
U Miami
Occidental Coll
Pomona Coll
U of Richmond
U of Rochester
Santa Clara
U of Southern California
Tufts Univ</p>

Assuming I have the ability to pay for all of these schools, what am I looking at in terms of:
Far Reach
High Match
Low Match

<p>Anyone want to spread the love?</p>

<p>I'm going to chance you for the schools I'm familiar with:</p>

<p>Brown Univ: Reach
Carnegie Mellon Univ: High Match/Low Reach
Univ of Chicago: High Match/Low Reach
Columbia Univ: Far Reach
U of Southern California: High Match
Tufts Univ: High Match</p>

<p>Your scores are solid, but your GPA will really hurt you unless you have major grade deflation at your school and your rank is top 5% AT THE LEAST. Your ECs are good, but it seems you're starting them up a bit too late for them to make you look "committed".
Anyways, you have an average shot at a lot of the schools, definitely not out of reach, but definitely not something to bank on.
Good lukc?</p>

<p>To put in in perspective, only around 17 kids in my grade out of 160 have anything above a 5.1. Around 50% or 80 kids have above a 4.1.</p>

<p>So that would make your rank roughly 20/160?
That's still pushing it for the top schools...with such a small class size, you should be top 10 at least and top 5 to be "safe".</p>

<p>We have a good portion of international students that make up the top 20 slots... I would say my rank is 20/160 or maybe 25/160, but many of those that are above me take weak schedules. I am in the top five for strongest schedule(Only 12 kids take AP Physics(7 juniors), 9 take BC Calc(Only American)).</p>

<p>Babson Coll: Match
Boston Coll: Reach
Boston Univ: Match
Brown Univ: Reach
Carnegie Mellon Univ: Reach
Univ of Chicago: Reach
Claremont McKenna Coll: Low Reach
Columbia Univ: Far Reach
George Wash Univ: High Match (Applying binding ED helps a lot.)
U Miami: Match (possibly with merit money if you balance your GPA with higher SATs)
Occidental Coll: Not familiar with
Pomona Coll: Reach/Far Reach
U of Richmond: Match
U of Rochester: Match
Santa Clara: Not familiar with
U of Southern California: Low Reach
Tufts Univ: Low Reach</p>