How am I stacking up? :]

<p>I'm going to apply Early Decision to NYU. I consider Boston University a safety school.
I am going to study abroad senior year in France. I hope to be able to get a French diploma and a high school diploma. I was studying under the IB diploma during junior year but had to abandon that due to the lack of french ib schools. </p>

<p>SAT Score 1860 (final)
Critical Reading 700
Math 530
Writing 630
Essay 9/12</p>

<p>SAT Score 1710 (Sophomore year)
Critical Reading 590
Math 520
Writing 600
Essay 8/12</p>

<p>Honors English I (B)
Honors English 2 (A)
IB English III (B)</p>

<p>Honors Algreba (B)
Honors Geometry (B)
Honors Algebra 2 (C) 76</p>

<p>Global Studies (B)
Honors World History (A)
IB History of Americas 1 (89)</p>

<p>Honors Biology (A)
Honors Chemistry (C) 78
IB Physics 1 (A)
AP Biology (A)</p>

<p>French 1 (A)
French 2 (A)
IB French 4 (A)
IB Spanish 4 (A)</p>

<p>Speech (A)
Nutrition & Wellness (A)
Film Studies (B)
Golf (A)
Tennis (A)
Sociology (B)
Psychology (A)
Yearbook (A)
Economics (A)
IB ART 1 (A)
IB TOK (B)</p>

<p>150 hours of community service
Hispanic from Venezuela (travel there often)
Good Recommendation letters
President of two clubs
Treasurer for a club
Awards in News Writing and Feature Writing competitions.
Great essay
AP French score 4 and AP Spanish score 5</p>

<p>Sorry, but in all honesty I would not consider Boston U a surefire safety with your SAT scores. You only lay above the 50th percentile for BU in CR. Your other two scores are average, if not below. You may certainly get in, but I don't think you should bank on acceptance. May want to consider another "safety."</p>

<p>NYU is a long reach but as long as you are saying its a reach its not a bad thing to apply. As far a BU goes I have to agree that it is not a safety for you.</p>

<p>I realize my SAT score isn't the best, but I thought they looked at more than just SAT scores? For example, the curriculum I chose and the grades, that I am studying abroad through Rotary Exchange, etc. There are also things that I want to do in France like teach children English or Spanish. Any other opinions that target more than my SAT score?</p>

<p>From the looks of your grades and classes, you don't seem to have taken many honors or AP classes and you most likely will have a weak GPA.</p>

<p>Like was previously stated, both NYU and BU will be big reaches, if not out of reach.</p>

<p>My school didnt have AP classes. We have IB.
All my core classes were at least honors, 3 were IB.
The classes that aren't honors aren't available as honors; they're electives.</p>

<p>Not to mention I took IB Spanish 4, IB French 4, and AP Biology (& chemistry) all during my sophomore year.</p>

<p>Wow that's really impressive!</p>

<p>Unfortunately, you seem to have gotten quite a few Bs and Cs, too. Numerically, do you have any idea as to what your GPA is? (It probably isn't good). Your only saving grace may be your ethnicity, but I wouldn't count on it bringing home admission.</p>

<p>I know! 2 high C's. Each one nearly killed me!</p>

<p>Well, my school bumps up our GPA if we take IB classes. I think it might even out to a 3.5 or 3.6 unweighted. Maybe 3.7. I'll find out soon when I pick up my transcript.</p>

<p>I am also trying to figure out through some French friends whether there are any national tests that I might be able to take and send those too. I also plan to take a rigorous French senior year curriculum, but I'm not sure how much that will help the admissions process. </p>

<p>Thanks for your input</p>

<p>3.5, 3.6 GPA not bad for NYU. but ur SAT is not so good. The avergae for NYU is higher. But i honestly want to know what u did to raise that CR score to a 700 on ur second try. thats rlly awesome. quite an impovement</p>

<p>Well, I calculated your unweighted GPA and it's 3.559, if you are right about all of your scores.</p>

<p>Sorry but I'm not really seeing it with NYU ): Like everyone else said, your SAT score is the biggest issue... and your EC's are pretty average, nothing really special. I'm not discouraging you to apply though, I still think you should, but just make sure you have better safeties than BU. Good luck!</p>

<p>Just raise your SATs to at least 2000 to have a solid shot for both of those to make up for your EC's. They're good, but not something that you can use as a selling point. However, a high SAT is always good as a selling point.
good luck :)</p>

<p>Thanks for all your input, guys!</p>

<p>I also forgot to mention that every summer since 2006 I've done volunteer work in Venezuela. I will have a certificate that mentions this in the application. (this is where many of the hours come from)
I am also planning on teaching English and Spanish during my stay in France to little french kids. :)
This summer I plan to continue the same project I've done in the past years but I also want to help clean up some of the political graffiti in Venezuela.</p>

<p>I am also looking at law firms for internship opportunities in France, and I am also looking at the possibility of taking the SAT again in France (however, I don't know if this is possible because I want to do early decision for NYU and the SAT in France is Nov 6th, 5 days after deadline.)
I will also take some needed subject tests that I am confident with.</p>

<p>RocknPiano thank you very much for that! I am pretty sure about those grades. :]</p>

<p>I'm very similar to you, check out my post, I'm also applying ED to NYU.
I do not consider Boston U a safety at all though...their average HS GPA of accepted students is like a 3.60 and yours seems slightly lower than that?</p>

<p>I see the multilingual thing working for you, the minority thing too and the community service is good. However you lack sports/creative-like ECs.
Your courses are difficult, I know, I did full IB diploma (kill me) but those Cs are hurting you.
Work on your SATs!
CHance me if you can :)</p>

<p>inadaze I completely agree with you!</p>

<p>I wasn't very much into sports and the one sport I truly enjoy (tennis) unfortunately had a horrible coach who wasn't very active, so I had no motivation and practically no opportunities to excel. :( </p>

<p>I will certainly try to improve SAT score. Considering I've had NO prep at all as far as SAT classes or programs, I think there is room for improvement. Hopefully I have time.</p>

<p>I didnt take any SAT prep ever except
-SAT q of the day
-a couple of SAT practice tests per year</p>

<p>I got a 2060 on my first try. Get on collegeboard!
Oh and read a lot. That helped me.</p>

<p>Chance me pleaseee
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