how and when do you send in a science abstract?

<p>My son already "filled up" the additional information portion of the common app. So, how should he send in his science abstract? Even if you're not a science person, this can relate to other specialities, like music or art supplement. Do you just send via email, or by snail mail, or as part of the app? Is there a special form or attachment?</p>

<p>We thought to send it via email, but on another thread, someone posted that emails with anything extra should be sent later. Is that recommended? </p>

<p>Thanks for the ideas!</p>

<p>I mailed in a copy of my abstract and science paper with a cover letter attached basically just saying I was sending it in for review as supplemental information</p>

<p>I mailed my portfolio via snail mail. The schools that I sent my portfolio to had instructions on supplemental material posted on their websites, so I just followed that.</p>