How are music composition supplements evaluated? Can someone message me and evaluate my supplement?

I see many many posts and videos on people who’ve submitted music performance supplements and it’s pretty clear the standard to which they’re held at in order to receive a high score and positively impact the applicant. There’s a ton of examples, sample scoring, etc.

There’s literally nothing on music composition, and I have no idea how my supplement is relative to others that have been submitted before. I would really appreciate if someone could provide insight on how music composition supplements are scored, or give examples of a few in the past or something? Literally any info would be appreciated because there’s a clear scarcity at the moment ?

(BTW - I am not applying to any conservatories, nor am I majoring in music. I plan to major in Business or Economics with interests in entering the music business area or digital marketing. I’m applying mainly to reach schools as I’ve already been accepted to a safety I’m happy with + am applying to all 3 matches early).

Thank you all!

Instructions for supplements are found within the application and/or on the college admissions site. Requirements vary by college.

In general, if the college accepts composition supplements (and not all do), you would submit a PDF of the score and a recording of the score through Slideroom.

Admissions does not evaluate supplements. At its discretion, they will send a percentage of supplements to the music department for commentary. The music department solely evaluates the supplement. They do not receive your whole file and make no admissions recommendation.

So do you think I should submit one? I’m just having trouble seeing whether or not I’m good enough, if that makes sense

If your work is comparable to what would be submitted to a conservatory, submit. If not, just talk about it in your essays, if you’d like. If you are unsure if the quality of your work, seek feedback from a music teacher at your school.