How are my Chances for MIT

<p>I'm a Junior, but even as a freshman, MIT was always my dream school, I'm applying to MIT as well as 5 other places my senior year. Below I'm going to list my info and please leave a comment describing if my chances of admission to MIT as average, below average, bad, good, above average etc. and why. </p>

<p>Thank You very much! :)</p>

<p>Cumulative GPA(by end of Junior Year): 3.71(UW), 4.4(Weighted)
AP Classes:
AP US History-4
AP World History-5
AP Language-3
AP Computer Science-4
AP Psychology-4
PLTW Civil Engineering/Architecture-9/10</p>

<p>Classes at Local Community College:
Adv. Algebra/Trigonometry: A-
Precalculus: B+
Calculus I: B
Calculus II: C
Differential Equations: A
Communications: A+</p>

Wrestling Team-All 4 years, 3 years varsity
2 years VEX Robotics
1.5 years FIRST Robotics
2013 Google Code in Participant
2 years MESA</p>

I tutored people all 4 years in high school
My Junior year, I participated in a paid inernship in this program called SEAP with a naval laboratory</p>

<p>SAT/ACT(Based on PSAT/Kaplan Diagnostic)
Math: Between 2000 and 2400
Reading: Between 1800 and 2200
Writing: Between 2100 and 2400
ACT: Between 32-36</p>

<p>Other Facts:
A+ Certification Training
Programming Experience in: C++, Java, Python, C, PHP, HTML, Javascript, x86 Assembly, Perl
Ethnicity: Black/Hispanic</p>

<p>Please Note: the first quarter of my Junior year, my father passed away suddenly. It was very unexpected and take a noticeable, but not particularly devastating, toll on my 1st quarter GPA. I'm not trying to make excuses, but I would like you to take this into account when assessing my information.</p>

<p>Thank You for reading and I look forward to you're responses. :)</p>

<p>Each SAT section is out of 800, not 2400, that’s the entire test. Please come back when you have real not predicted SAT scores, because a lot will depend on that with a good but not awesome GPA and good, but not stand out extracurriculars. Make sure your counselor mentions your father’s passing affecting your grades.</p>

<p>I’m sorry for your loss and wish you the best of luck!</p>

<p>Thank You and What would you recommend to further my chances?</p>

<p>You need more precise scores. For example, the ACT range of 32-36 is actually very wide. A 32 is nothing special and is a dime a dozen at MIT, while a 35 or 36 is another matter.</p>

<p>Thanks again, btw I forgot to add one more thing:
Member of National Society of High School Scholars</p>

<p>Other than precise scores will this help?
P.S. I’m majoring in EECS(electrical engineering/computer science)
Thanks again so much! :)</p>

<p>Depending on how active you actually are in the club, most 'Honors Societies" are pretty useless. And a 35-36 will get you on the threshold, but are <em>also</em> a dime a dozen at a place like MIT.</p>

<p>Just to be practical here, at a place like MIT, your math scores (trig, pre-cal, calc I & II) are considered low. And the 4 on comp sci AP test isn’t too great either. I think you have a fair chance of getting in. In my opinion, to get the upper hand, you need to excel in your interview and essays. Good luck to you and I hope you get in! :slight_smile: My friend, who’s a senior, applied early to MIT and he got in, but he’s LOADS smarter than me!</p>

<p>Also, for your extracurriculars, think of clubs you were in, even informal ones, because although your current ECs have a lot of substance, it is still a short list. And I know colleges prefer a student who focuses a lot on a few ECs than one who signs up for everything, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a few more. But I’m not saying fabricate any lol ;)</p>

<p>Your GPA is a bit low, to be quite honest. And your math scores could be higher. But I don’t think that trying to declare a major will affect your admission decision at all.
Definitely focus on essays. I got below 2100 SAT and a 33 on ACT but I still got in, probably because of my EC’s and essays. If you can show proficiency in your programming, then that will most definitely help.
Also, your Black/Hispanic heritage could help, just saying, as well as your dedication to the wrestling team. Lastly, there seems to be a lot of FIRST kids that got in, so that’s a good sign right?
Good luck</p>

<p>you have an average chance though that c in calc 2 will hurt you. get an interview. good luck
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<p>Thanks everyone for all the comments. My final GPA will be a little higher than I initially thought and I’m taking my actual, and first real, SAT and ACT tests in June. I’ll post then to give you legit scores as well as a legit final GPA both weighted and unweighted.
Thnx everyone, you’re feedback really helped :smiley: </p>

<p>Your grades are well above average although that C in calc 2 may hurt just a bit. Get high SAT scores and I think you have a decent shot at it.</p>

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<p>I would suggest taking USACO to show interest in CS. MIT greatly values these kinds of national competitions. Work to get a good SAT score and hope that some fo your grades don’t pull you down. Otherwise I think you are good to go!</p>

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<p>Your GPA is a little below average but if you can get a 2300+/34+ on your tests then that can greatly make up for GPA. You also need to write stellar essays and get good recs. Your ECs are very good for MIT because they show interest in the field you intend to enter. </p>

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<p>You don’t have an extraordinary amount of ECs, but they relate to your field of study considering what kind of a school MIT is. I think if you just do extremely well on your ACT/SAT, it could cover up some of the rest (though that C in Calc II might hurt). Other than that, best of luck! I’m impressed that you still managed to do that well with the passing of your father, but as withoutausername mentioned, make sure your counselor or somebody let’s them know. </p>

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<p>How do you get a B in Calc I, a C in Calc II, but an A in diff. eq?</p>

<p>ECS should be more. Get your correct SAT score, try and improve your GPA and hopefully that will be good enough</p>

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<p>Sorry to hear about your father. Bless him.
Remember to add that info into the “Additional Comments” etc. boxes to explain the low grades.</p>