how are my ecs for my dream school...

<p>hello all! Im a student aspiring to attend Brown in the future. i know that the school is a highly selective one, and is def a high reach for even the most qualified students of all. so i wanted to see what you all thought of my chances, looking at my ECs mainly. This is becuase a lot of people tell me that Brown emphasizes personal qualities, passion and how you pursue your interests. so, assuming that my gpa is good (by good, i mean 3.8ish?) and SAT also competent, is this an attractive list for my passions/interestS?</p>

<p>my main interests are creative writing and music. (+theater. slightly)
creative writing:
2010 summer summer program @ stanford (epgy): creative writing
2011 summer program for hs students @ columbia: poetry masters class
editor in literary magazine,
published in BRICKrheotoric (online magazine)
editors' choice award from teenink
....waiting to hear from other magazines/awards :)</p>

guitar for 7years
jazz band
started a volunteer group that goes out to senior houses once a month for performances
songwriting on my own. will submit recorded CD with songs produced, written by me.</p>

<p>these lists are still under construction but.. so far.. am i on the right track? i've tried to pursue specific interests and activities that i have a penchant for, rather than building up a rambling list of shallow activities. please tell me how it looks and feel free, also, to give any suggestions if there are activities that i might add to improve in these specific areas!</p>

<p>bump..hi :) hi</p>