How are my ECs?

<p>I'm currently a sophomore who is involved in a lot of clubs. However, I know that junior year will definitely be a busy year, so I need help cutting down and focusing more on specific clubs. Help would be appreciated! This is what I've done so far:</p>

<p>In-school activities:
Junior Varsity Swimmer; goal is to make Varsity next year
DECA: Vice President of chapter; qualified for Nationals freshman year
BPA (Business Professionals of America): Vice President of chapter; qualified for nationals freshman year
Speech Team; 1st year; probably going to regionals
Founder & co-president of school's Glee club; freshman year (haven't started it up again this year though)
Math Team</p>

<p>Out-of-school activities:
Piano student & teacher
Mini-medical school</p>

<p>My main interests are science and business, but I also love to get involved in anything music-related just for fun. Can you help rate my ECs and tell me what's better to focus on for junior/senior year? Thanks!</p>

<p>just focus on your passions and do your best in classes. the rest will come naturally.
it took me this long to realize that; i joined tons of clubs i didn't feel an interest toward, did a lot of things to put on my transcript, etc just to keep up with the others in IB. it was painful. in the end, colleges want to have someone who is interesting and who adds to the school in a positive way.</p>