How are my safeties and matches? And how many reach schools out of 10

<p>Asian/Female. U.S. Citizen, lived overseas almost entire life. </p>

<p>GPA: 3.89/4.00 UW
Rank: Does not</p>

<p>Freshie; 3.67 , 3.95
Sophomore: 3.95, 4.00 (AP US)
Junior; 3.95, 4.00(hopefully but safe: 3.95) (AP calc BC, ap comp gov, ap lang, ap bio, IB chinese a2)
senior; (ap lit, econ, stats, chem, ib chinese a2 y2) </p>

<p>*Scores: *</p>

<p>SAT I: 2200: 710 CR/ 690 W/800 M (will retake)</p>

<p>SAT II; 750 World history, 800 Math II, 770 Bio E</p>

<p>*ECs: </p>

<p>Engineering stuff/Sci Research -- Most significant*</p>

<p>Engineering Club Prez (11, 12). Member (10, 11, 12) I organized lots of community service with engineering at school through this, and also organize tutoring system via the club. Among other things as well . This is only for junior year, in senior year I want to do more things!</p>

<p>Winter break: independent research at local university (11)</p>

<p>ISEF Finalist (10, 11), 2nd place Grand award in a category (11) </p>

<p>summer: paid position at texas a&m researching what i'm researching right now . And volunteer on weekends at children's museum with science workshops for kids . </p>


<p>other less significant ECs
Quiz Team (9 - 12), Vice-Captain (10), Council advisor (11) [change of system], regional competition 2nd place (10), 3rd (11), founder/organizer of local competition (we don't have many opportunities)</p>

<p>Impromptu speaking (10, 11, 12), 2nd place at regional (10), 3rd place at same regional competition (11). Very little opportunities! Just for fun though </p>

<h2>Orchestra. Symphony orchestra (10-12), not playing first. but oh well, still fun . Tri-M (10 - 12). Regional orchestra festival (10, 11) that selects a few students from each participant school. An honor band festival (10) that requires nomination from music teachers. This is just for fun, there's not many competitive options anyways. </h2>


<p>Local School visits teaching Chinese every week via Habitat for Humanity(9 - 12)
Habitat for Humanity Trips (2 total, 10, 11)
Habitat for Humanity Club VP (12) -- now i finally organize all the trips I was attending for the past 2 years!
NHS (10-12) reinforcing some serivce, just as a member</p>



<p>*What I think are safeties: * -- Please chance (high, low): </p>

<p>carnegie mellon, tufts, boston college, NYU, vassar college</p>

<p>*What I think are matches: *</p>

<p>uchicago, northwestern, williams college (high), UCBerkeley, UCLA</p>


<p>All ivies, stanford, MIT, Swarthmore</p>

<p>Just because the college name is up there does not mean I'm considering applying there. I'm just trying to know my tier</p>

<p>Please move around my list and eval! Much appreciated</p>

<p>Thanks! will chance back, give link :)</p>

<p>oh yea. i have a lot of colleges i'm considering, please remove any you know fosho aren't sciency at all. my knowledge of US colleges isn't good right now, perhaps because i've never had the atmosphere (less than 2 months of living in US per year)</p>

<p>no need to comment on scores or anything. please move all my schools to reaches or whatever you see fit :P, just trying to see my tier. </p>


<p>I don't think NYU UCB and UCLA are safties for you. UCB and UCLA are two of the hardest colleges to get into, especially out of state. Being that you are an ORM, I would say they would be matches/high matches. I also don't think an ivy league school can be a match for anyone, so move Cornell up to reach. Your stats are good, but not the best; don't overestimate yourself. I think you are competitive at all of those colleges though. Which one do you want to go to the most?</p>

<p>^ thanks! I've moved it. </p>

<p>What does ORM stand for? I want to go to MIT the most for now, but then I have to visit all these colleges and get to know more about them... </p>

<p>I'm confused about NYU though... I was pretty sure it would be a safety. Please explain :) </p>

<p>Haha I'm more confused than overconfident :P</p>

<p>NYU is probably low match/match. ORM is overrepresented minority, which most of the time means Asians at most universities. Since you have a good GPA that is on an upward trend, good EC's, and a good SAT score, you should be fine. UCLA has rejected some valedictorians before though, so you never know with those. Make sure you apply to MIT ED so you will have the best chance to go there.</p>

<p>^ thanks for the advice! will probably do that. sigh asian. :(</p>

<p>Are you planning on becoming a doctor?</p>

<p>leaning that direction. if there is some job that involves science research and an emphasis on communications like (public speaking, argumentative stuff), then i would want that. doctor is not the closest match but i cn't think of anything else! :P</p>

<p>I think what you might be looking for is becoming an epidemiologist.</p>

<p>^ like house? :P that's actually cool. i guess for now all i'm looking for some undergrad place that is good in an umbrella of options that is related to whatever. would MIT be part of that path?</p>

<p>Yeah, MIT is pretty much a great place to go. Also, you can consider U of Michigan - Ann Arbor (which has multiple programs ranked in the top ten nationwide), WUSTL (U of Washington - St. Louis), and John Hopkins, which I hear has a great pre-med program as well as the former colleges.</p>

<p>I disagree with RocknPiano's assessment. NYU is a safety. While i dont think UCB and UCLA can be "safeties" for anyone, i'd bet A LOT of money that you'll get into berkeley (the UCs dont count freshman year grades into your gpa, so you have a perfect 4.0 unweighted). And again, i agree that i dont think anyone is really a 'match' for an ivy league school, but i would also bet a lot of money that you could get into cornell.</p>