How are my test scores for the schools that I want?

Okay most of the schools I’m applying to are test optional. Here’s the list:
Wesleyan (Ed)
Conn college

Okay so I can’t really find any info of what kind of subject test scores these schools get.
For the sat 1:
For the Sat 2:
Math 2: 700
Lit: 670
Bio (m): 640

So should I send my math 2 and lit scores? I honestly have no idea if they’re good or not. I think bio isn’t that good but I don’t know. Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this in!!!

What’s your weighted and unweighted GPA? Male or female?

I already posted a lot of my stats on a chance me thread previously, I was mostly just wondering about my sat subject test scores with this. I have like a 3.6 unweighted gpa. This year I took AP biology (85), AP literature (88), Spanish 4 (92), physics (91), precalculus (95), world history (96), and an ecology independent study (98). I’m class treasurer, I’ve been on the math team all through high school, and I’ll be cross country captain in the fall. None of this is super impressive but I think with good test scores I’ll still have a competitive application.