How are Northeastern dorms and facilities? Vs Georgetown?

How do the dorms at Georgetown compare to Northeastern? I am considering both.

I got accepted to Northeastern as a NMF in the Honors program, so I would be in an LLC in East Village.

I got accepted to Georgetown regularly

Also, how are the facilities?

Is it true that Georgetown has old buildings and bad facilities? How is the food there? How do these things compare to Northeastern?

Thanks!! Please feel free to comment even if you have indirect information or something only partially related, I need all the opinions I can get!

Posting the same thread 3 times won’t improve your chances of getting an answer.

sorry izrk02, I am new at college confidential an am a slightly apprehensive prospective student. now is decision time for me and I did not know how this works exactly

thanks again

Only did a tour at Georgetown but was not impressed with the dorms. Seem really dated. Nice student union with a giant fireplace but the dorms needed a lot of revamping. Northeastern has some new dorms and a few dated ones but it seems they have better options.

WashU dorms lol

@waverlywizzard & @onthatgrind_ , pretty sure OP has made the decision by now…

Yo, I’m a current student at Northeastern (a guy), east village is super nice, pretty new. The dorms are relatively nice, kinda a bit small but so are pretty much all freshman dorms. There are some super nice common rooms with pool tables and couches and stuff. The bathrooms are communal tho, i can answer any question abt that. Would def recommend NU but also Georgetown is an incredible school. Idk much about the dorms there tho.

I must say for a highly ranked school I was shocked when I saw Georgetown’s campus. It really needs to be updated. The football games are played in the middle of campus in a high school setting. The buildings looked old and the medical school overtakes the rest of the school.