How Are the Bathrooms Set Up at Clark's Dorms?

I have read a great deal of posts on CC about separate and co-ed residential communal bathrooms at colleges in the United States. Seeing that Clark is a top pick for me, I wanted to know how the bathrooms are set up within Clark’s dorm buildings (I believe there are at least six dorms on campus) in terms of gender (whether they are used by both genders or there are separated bathrooms). I have read a lot about this being a decision based on votes from the students in the dorms and that upperclassmen are usually the students that experience these types of bathrooms while first-years don’t. Aside from all that, finally, I have read that many students also completely disregard the signage and occasionally go inside bathrooms corresponding to their opposite gender and it is no big deal. Is this true as well? Any input is greatly appreciated.