How are the beds arranged in a triple?

<p>I'm in a triple dorm room in Warren Towers and was wondering how the beds are arranged. I was told that it would be three raised beds. I was wondering if there was a way to lower the raised bed? I have back problems occasionally and I thin that the raised beds will be a problem here and there. Is there anyway that I could change the bed's height?</p>

<p>Not in Warren. I was in a quad in Warren last year (which are now triples) and you had to keep the beds lofted.</p>

<p>Yeah you can change them. They are the same types of beds that are in Towers and you can choose in towers if you want them lofted or not. There isn't alot of space but if you and your roommates figure out a way to arrange them then yes you can make it unlofted.</p>