how are the cops at UCSD?

<p>this might be a weird thread, but this is something I just want to know. i've heard that the cops at UCSD are one of the biggest reasons why UCSD is called "UC socially dead"; apparently they harass students a lot, will arrest people for drinking beer and won't allow any parties and such. is this true?</p>

<p>They are pretty strict on the matter. Honestly though, its really easy to party on campus in the dorms. The only reason I feel the place is called socially dead is because if people do party, they keep it small (depending on what size room you're doing it in, it ranges from 4 to 10 others) so that way it doesnt get out of hand and an RSO doesnt come up and bust you.</p>

<p>Eh. It depends how drunk you are, really. I've been to tons of parties, from dorm ones to off campus to apartment ones. In my experience, the cops and RSOs don't bust you unless it's completely obvious that you're drunk or if you're retarded enough to drink in front of them. Which means if there's a RSO knocking on your suite door saying you're too loud, run into your room and hide all the booze!</p>

<p>^ is right. No one I know has even been written up by an RSO when they were caught unless someone was passed out or extremely drunk. Most of the time they only care that you're safe so all they do is give you a warning, have you dump out whatever you have and then let you go. Besides, for them its more work to write someone up rather than just give a warning.</p>

<p>there's always going to be a handful of stuck-up rso's who will write you up for being loud a couple minutes after quiet hours begin.
i know the cops are really strict on bikers, i've seen multiple road bikers get pulled over for not slowing down enough at an empty intersection. there's always at least two cops just circling campus loop, looking for impatient drivers too...
it's not so much the cops that will come and bust a party, it's the rso's who just feel like walking up and down the halls trying to find parties.</p>

<p>In generally how are the RSOs in muir? Can you get away with drinking if you keep it on the down low?</p>

<p>^ as long as you aren't loud and no one complains.
RSO's come around at like 1 or 2.</p>

<p>Everyone should be aware that 90%+ of partying at UCSD happens off campus. So don't worry about the RSO's too much. The biggest problem you'll have is when you're walking home drunk, they are always out to find people near Pangea especially, and I've known people who have to spend the night in detox haha</p>