How are the Dorms?

<p>Basically, I am wondering what is already in the dorms before school and what is not (the stuff you have to buy or bring from home).</p>

<p>the dorms are kind of small. the suites are nice and come with their own bathrooms and kitchen. but for freshmen, they have two twin beds with mattresses, two dressers, two closets, two desks, two chairs. what i'd suggest you bring are: a foam cover for your mattress or something soft to put over because it is ridiculously hard, sheets, pillows, your own trashcan, hangers, FEBREZE because frankly who knows how that room will smell with so many different smells coming in, and i highly recommend a small rug because of the hardwood floors.</p>

<p>The dorms include a bed frame, mattress, desk, chair, dresser, closet, and cable/phone/ethernet ports per person.</p>

<p>is there a big difference between honors dorms for freshmen vs just the regular dorms?</p>

<p>From what I've heard, honors dorms are air conditioned, carpeted, and over all nicer than regular dorms.</p>

<p>Residence</a> Halls at a Glance</p>

<p>Are Honors students required to stay in the Honors housing all through? Gow does one get assigned to apartments?</p>

<p>The Honors dorms (Denton) where most are assigned DO NOT have air condition. Queen Anne does have a/c and will be home to a new Living Learning program for freshman. It is also not a high rise.</p>

<p>Freshman dorms (honors or not) are mostly: not carpeted, not air conditioned, cinder block walls with communal bathrooms. Nothing to rate them as "nice" by any stretch of the imagination, but I figure it's all part of the experience (and it makes the rooms or apartments later in your college career seem luxurious!)</p>

<p>The desk chair is just a plain old straight chair. You might want to bring a more comfortable chair.</p>

<p>I've been in both Honors and Non-honors Dorms...They're EXACTLY the same. (In terms of overall quality that is)</p>