How are the science and arts classes/programs?

<p>I was thinking of majoring in (marine)biology and minoring in art- photography, graphic or interior design.Eventhough I'm going to apply for 2013,I probably won't go til 2015 after going to cc with a transfer. I just want to know how the classes are like if its got a variety and quality.</p>

<p>I don't know about arts, but Humboldt's biology program is amazing. They are very open to letting you dabble in other major classes as long as you meet the prereqs, so you can explore many areas and see what you like. They have an amazing natural museum, a fish hatchery, and a wildlife rehab center on campus. Nearby there are redwood forests, marshes, and of course the beach. HSU also has a boat solely devoted to undergrad research.</p>

<p>You can find a lot of info by poking around their website-check out the biology department and look at the course catalog. </p>

<p>You may have seen this advice already, but I'll give it out anyway: everyone's told me not to do my undergrad in marine biology. It's apparently much better to major in biology and get more general knowledge, then specialize in grad school.</p>

<p>Ya I did some research and applied! The only drawback is that there's not too many art majors or the ones I want.But I noticed it had the most science majors I think of all the CSUs.</p>

<p>And I had no idea there was a beach so that's a done deal!
My criteria was biology(marine) and near the beach but later I decided I wanted to double major in arts and biology.My mom of course doesn't want me to do art but focus on sciences but if I chose only science humboldt sounds perfect. </p>

<p>its the most northern school I applied to plus it snows and it'll be a different experience from living in the bay area.But its the only school I'm looking about that's not near the city and I don't know if I can handle that.</p>

<p>...and yea on here I hear its best to do marine biology in grraduate school so I might just do plain biology.</p>

<p>~I have a question that might be a myth but is it true that people at humboldt smoke weed?</p>

<p>Nevermind I called Long Beach and the art&biology combo wuoldnt be allowed since the upper&lower divsion courses are completely different but that's for your help.</p>

<p>I think I'm going for biology instead.</p>

<p>I mean "Thanks for your help"</p>