How are these classes for junior year?

<p>im a soph atm but its not too late to plan out for nxt yr.
i want to take photography for at least freshman, junior, and senior yr since im really good at it and i really like the course. also, i plan to be a pharmacist. i really like biology and chemistry, but im not sure if i have to take physics or not. plus, i really want to get into a UC like UCI or USC, so i kinda wanna be prepped for the classes later on.</p>

<p>my classes junior yr:</p>

<p>AP Lang/Comp
AP US History
AP Calc AB
AP Chem (or Physics B?)
Vietnamese 3
Adv Photo</p>

<p>or should i take a zero period and take both ap chem n ap phys? i cant take ap bio during junior yr fyi, lol.</p>