How are these ECAs

<p>I am looking to apply to Universities this year. </p>

<li>Claremont McKenna</li>

1. Varsity Tennis Team (4 years)- (however have been on the school tennis team from grade 7)
2. (2 years)- Volunteering with mentally disabled people.
3. Coaching disabled children in tennis
4. Journalism Team for school newspaper (3 years)
5. Head of Journalism for school economics magazine (1 year)
6. Started up a service project for disabled children in school (2 years- President)
7. Another Service project working with disabled children (3 years)
8. Volunteered for Red Cross.
9. Worked as a Waitress in a brunch restaurant.
10. History Club
11. Initiated Recreation Tennis Club in School.</p>

1. Best Tennis Player in the School.
2. Star player (2 years consecutively)</p>

<p>PS: My grades are on the high side</p>

<p>Awesome EC’s. But you should apply to some safety schools!</p>

<p>Thanks I will be…Any improvements that can be made?</p>

<p>Strong ECs. i think you can make it to those colleges.</p>