How are these majors/life/grading/anything

<p>So, how are these majors at SEAS- biomedical, chemical and operations research, in terms of courseload (with the Core and such requirements as premed), difficulty, grading??</p>

<p>Second of all, how's the social life as an engineer? do they get an insane workload that they don't really interact with others? How's integration between races, religion and whatnot</p>

<p>Any other comments are welcome. like why would you choose SEAS or why you would not</p>

<p>I can't answer direct questions about SEAS courses, but as far as social life, all freshmen live together, and my S, who's in the College, has many friends in SEAS, and they seem to be able to have social lives.</p>

<p>in fact, right now it's the CC people who are being rendered hermits by the workload</p>

<p>it may all change by test time tho</p>

<p>Yes, the courseload for engineers is easiest in freshmen year and much much heavier in the final two years.</p>

<p>The difficulty is SEAS is typical for an engineering school, with the average GPA at 2.7. From what I've heard, it is manageable and not a real killer (unlike at, say, MIT or CMU).</p>