How are these programs at Berkeley?

<p>Hello everyone! I was hoping you could help me with something...</p>

<p>How are these various programs at Berkeley, in terms of quality, where they will "get" you (i.e. how grad schools see them), competitiveness, and difficulty:</p>

<p>-American Studies
-Legal Studies
-Peace and Conflict Studies
-Political Science

<p>Thank you so much! :D</p>

<p>GO BEARS!</p>

<p>Hahahah, Calidan, I thought you were going to Georgetown? Berkeley for graduate school?</p>

<p>I can only vouch for the political science department. It's graduate programs ranks consistently in the top 10. They also have the most amazing classes (I saw the classes they offer and it is awesome).</p>

<p>American studies is interdisciplinary, so I'm unsure. And I'm unsure of whether legal studies works with Boalt Hall.</p>

<p>I would also recommend looking at Political Economy of Industrialized Societies (PEIS). It's one of those rare gems that most schools don't have.</p>

<p>Poli sci at Cal is excellent, but just not for theory (granted, most schools aren't...) However, there are some great names up there, including some new up-and-coming names like David Karol. Nelson Polsby, Margaret Weir, and David Vogel are all well-known political scientists.</p>

<p>eiffel- I'm actually not 100% set on Georgetown (haven't sent in anything yet), and since Cal is still such a great school and so much cheaper, I am seriously considering it.</p>

<p>So for undergraduates, how are these programs?</p>

<p>Excellent. If you consider how successful Cal is at sending off undergrads to grad school, they seem even more delicious for the price.</p>

<p>But what do you want in a school? Georgetown is a great experience if you want real government and DC connections.</p>

<p>Well I don't think I would want to work in the governement (I was thinking of possibly being a politician, but it doesn't interest me too much and it's very hard to "break into" politics).</p>

<p>Therefore, except for possibly law (which I am considering), I don't know how much the DC connections would really help me.</p>

<p>Just one thing is bothering me- I heard that the humanities at Cal really aren't respected very much, and grad schools tend to "look down" on them... so I was thinking that maybe Georgetown would be better.</p>

<p>Does anyone have more information about the American Studies major? I know some of you think its a fluff major. Thats not what Im interested in hearing. Im a serious student, so it wouldnt be a fluff major for me.</p>

<p>Not respected very much? Berkeley has the number 1 German program in the nation, 10th Comp Lit, somewhere in the top 10 for English, and those are just the ones that I know off hand. (Graduate programs to be sure, but a graduate school isn't going to brush off a humanities student from a program of that caliber, @ least, I assume not).</p>


<p>I have to second BacktoReality. Berkeley is known as a powerhouse in humanities, and is not "looked down upon." Anyone who argues that is foolish at best, ignorant and stupid at worst.</p>

<p>Berkeley is tied with Harvard and Yale for #1 English.</p>

<p>Oh pish posh. Everyone knows that English is a tired and seldom properly used language.</p>

<p>At least in America.</p>


<p>The poli sci undergrad and PEIS are excellent at Cal. Poli sci is pretty easy to do so most take on another major.</p>